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Mar 7, 2007 04:22 PM

Yung Sing Bakery

I found myself in the neighbourhood today and decided I'd give Yung Sing Bakery on Baldwin a shot, since several people have raved about it. Well, I'm confused to say the least. I was there just after the lunch hour and picked up a couple of buns and wu gok (taro wrapped pork-filled dumplings). The wu gok were very greasy. I know they're fried, but I've had many at yum cha that were far less oily. And the coconut bun was a disappointment also. It was probably baked this morning, but was not kept warm. It tasted slightly stale and the filling was a great disappointment when compared to what I've had elsewhere (the filling was ample, but lacked taste). I know it's a small store, so the minimal selection is understandable, but I'm used to a far wider variety of buns and a serve yourself style.

I'm guessing it must be a downtown kind of thing that I wouldn't understand coming from the suburbs. It's certainly a cute little hole-in-the-wall, but I won't become a frequent customer.

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  1. I have to agree. I can't understand the appeal of the food there. It's true though that the store has a nice, somewhat 'old world' atmosphere to it.

    1. The only good thing I remember from a few years back is the tofu bun. Also the novelty of the fried rice bun, which is just a gimmick.

      1. The barbecue pork bun is very good and the curried beef bun is excellent as well.

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          Those are the two I used to like, as well. I think the popularity of Yung Sing has to do with its proximity to U of T and the fact that you could get a filling bun for under a dollar. When I was in grad school there, the stretch of College between Beverly and University was a complete food wasteland (Druxy's being the only choice), and Yung Sing and Baldwin St. in general were a god send.

          1. re: TorontoJo

            Agree with the first part ( best bang for your buck as a poor student!)- disagree with the second (wasteland of food)- now College st seems to have increased in the falafel/shwarma area (like most of Toronto, it seems!) Though I have yet to eat at any of them...can anyone attest to their quality? ( I feel a foodie mission coming

            ..but thank god for the local hotdog vendors, eh?

            1. re: EPIcureanTO

              Sorry, I should have pointed out that I meant the area was a food wasteland back in the early 90s!! It's much, much better these days.

        2. Yung Sing has been there, pretty much unchanged, for decades. It was once considered an "underground find", but better versions of these buns are now so widely available that nostalgia or proximity are the only reasons to go. Some of them are tasty; others blah, and their fried items have always been very greasy. Even that made-to-order tofu bun never had much taste on my palate.

          Someone actually opened a glitzy fast food style Yung Sing franchise in the mid seventies on Yonge near Wellesley, but it didn't last long. I suppose it was ahead of its time.

          1. Personally, I've been going to Yung Sing for many years. I always used to order the buns (bbq pork, curry beef, beef, veggie, etc.), but rarely do now. I find that they are as good as the ones that I get in other bakeries that I've tried. But I do love their weekend har gow and siu mai take-out orders. Also, the shrimp rolls(?), and deep-fried, battered seafood salad thing. Still worth visiting.