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Mar 7, 2007 04:19 PM

Wine basket gift for Beringer White Zinfandel Fans?

I like to create wine baskets for engagements, problem is I'm stuck. My two friends drink beringer white zinfandel, and I want to get something that they might like, but a little more...complex? expensive even?

So what are some suggestions for a wine that they may enjoy?

Thanks in advance =)

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  1. At least have them drink Buehler white zinfandel!

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    1. re: Quesera

      sounds you happen to know how much it costs? and what type of store would have it?

      thank you!

      1. re: sanscosm

        I can easily find out...where are you and where is your friend you're preparing the basket for?

        1. re: Quesera

          both in the bronx, i'd prefer to not go to manhattan so westchester or nj shops that carry it would probably be fine. thank you so much =)

          1. re: sanscosm

            I think Bottle King carries it. I'm in CA so I dont know the area as well, but my father happens to be the NJ distributor, and he says it's a chain that should have it...good luck!

      2. How about a french rose wine or champagne?
        Or a nice Moscato if they like it a little on the sweet side?

        1. i'm probably going to include a champagne in the basket as well, moscato sounds good based on what i'm reading throughout the net though. i've never tried it, i'll have to stop by the shop tomorrow. thanks!

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          1. re: sanscosm

            Moscato tastes very much like White Zinfandel, only "smoother", you can get Moscato in a "still" wine, or as a "bubbly" (at least I can locally in California). The Mrs. and I consider ourselves "wine hicks", but we have graduated from White Zinfandel to Moscato, and also to nice, sweet German Rieslings which might also work in this situation.

            1. re: ChinoWayne

              i was thinking riesling, but i still haven't found one that i like so i don't feel confident enough in my riesling experience. thank you for your reply! i like the term "wine hick" i feel like that! hah

              i think i'll end up going for a moscato, maybe an intro red wine (pinot noir maybe?) and moet's white star for the champagne and a rabbit corkscrew. sound good?

              1. re: sanscosm

                Like I said, I'm just a wine hick, I recently sent a friend the following: Concha Toro (Chile) Syrah Marques Casa '04, Selbach (Riesling from Germany) Piesporter Michelsberg Kab '04, and Gloria Ferrer (sparkling wine from California) Blanc de Noirs. I drink the Selbach and Gloria Ferrer all time time and enjoy them, the Selbach is definately on the sweet side and the Gloria Ferrer is not dry, but more on the brut side.

                The rabbit is definately a good idea.

                1. re: sanscosm

                  much better than Moet White Star is Nicholas Feuilatte


                  Louis Roederer Brut

                  1. re: jenniebnyc

                    i'll have to do some taste testing this weekend! thank you =)

            2. Better late than never . . .

              I would opt for a selection of rosés -- wines like Domaine Tempier Bandol Rosé, Domaine de la Mordorée Côtes du Rhône Rosé from France; Edmunds St. John "Bone Jolly" Gamay Noir Rosé and the like from California, and so on . . . .

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              1. re: zin1953

                You beat me to it. I'd also add the Beckman Grenache Rosé from CA - Central Coast/Monterey.


                1. re: zin1953

                  very cool thanks for the ideas !!!

                2. There is a Beringer White Zinfandel sparkling wine as well.