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Mar 7, 2007 04:17 PM

LBC Near Lakewood / Cherry?

I am a single San Francisco girl who is playing soccer mom to a 12 and 9-year old this week in Long Beach. Anywhere I can grab a coffee / glass of wine / bite to eat while waiting for them to get out of practice this evening near Lakewood & Cherry? I googled and see a bunch of chains, but was hoping for something a little more homespun.


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  1. lakewood and cherry are parallel, what is the cross street

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    1. re: justagthing

      sorry, I spaced out. Carson and Cherry.

    2. I'd go to Phil Trani's on Long Beach Blvd. Have a glass of wine and a shrimp cocktail. Or if you're looking for a bite with the girls after try Cafe Bixby on Atlantic for good diner food and great chicken pot pie. They serve beer and wine but it's basically house wine.

      1. if you are interested in soul food, you can try M&M's soulfood, it's in the same building as the bowling alley. There is also a good Thai restaurant that has mango trees planted around it. I think it is in an old Taco Bell or Dell Taco building.

        1. The Thai place is probably Thai Corner, at Carson and Paramount. Very good food. Those are papaya trees, I think. Go for the green papaya salad!. It's the drive thru one next to Me N Ed's and 7-11, right?

          The last time I went to M&M it was just average.

          1. I like Curly's - Cherry and Willow. On the S/W side, behind the Oil Derrick.

            Its a bar, but the food is very good. Easy to blend in if your by yourself.

            If your tolerant of bad mexican La Posada is at Carson and Lakewood.

            Best Patty melt in town is at the Thirsty Isle on Carson 1/2 block east of Lakewood on the N. side. Also a bar that is fairly low key. Other food is also very good.

            Actually your not far from my personal Mecca - Joe Josts. Very home spun, but your menu is limited - Polish Sausage sandwitches (special) pickled eggs (dont laugh, there good) and no wine, beer.... Definately home spun.

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              La Posada is the worst Mexican food I've had, and they don't even serve real Margaritas.

              You could hang out at the golf course bar at Skylinks, which is just down the street on Lakewood. There's patio seating also. I won't vouch for the food but it's friendly.

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                Speaking of Cherry and Willow, how is that place across Cherry from Curley's. It has a golden eagle or somesuch on the signage?
                Also, there is the Bob's Big Boy just east of Cherry/Willow

                1. re: SoCalMuncher

                  Golden Eagle is a great burger counter/pastrami type place. They might serve beer. I recommend the turkey burger, but this place is very casual.

                  1. re: Oh Robin

                    Might be good to check out, but so far, my current Mecca for burgers in the LB area is Big Mike's - I'll go outta my way for one of those!

                    1. re: SoCalMuncher

                      Where is Big Mike's? And what makes them so special?

                      1. re: Oh Robin

                        17845 S. Clark Ave. off of Lakewood Bl. it's actually Bellflower,

                        The Big Mike's special burger consists of about a 3/4 lb nicely seasoned, hand-formed patty of good-tasting beef with a half of a hot link on top. It isn't merely a patty with a link, as they actually work well, together

                        The gf said that I'd be willing to waste my last artery there. I don't think it would be a waste :)