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Mar 7, 2007 04:01 PM

First Date Spots?

Hey 'hounders,
Where would be a great place for a first date? Something romantic but slightly casual, not too loud since there's going to be the "get to know you" conversations, and obviously the food has to be great and good drinks would be a plus. Budget range would be moderate about $30 - $40 pp. Locations doesn't really matter, as long it's accessible to the subways. Thanks in advance!

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  1. One of my favorite first date spots is chumleys (86 bedford street, in the village). The crowd can get a little B&T, but its a nice combination of casual and delicious (sweet burgers). And the whole "underground literary speakeasy" thing gives you something to talk about.

    1. never thought of chumley's as romantic, but that said depends what you mean. not far down from there is moustache (good, inexpensive middle eastern, pitzas are great) and little owl -- could eat there and pop over to chumleys for a drink before/after.

      1. Here's a few options, depending on what kind of food you're into: 1) Valdino West - great Italian food, dark but not overly so, relaxed neighborhood place in the W Village; 2) Sala - tapas either at the 19th St location or the one on the Bowery; 3) Bar Six - good french bistro on 6th Ave around 13th (or thereabouts) or 4) Cafe Asean on 10th St near 6th Ave - mix of southeast asian like malaysian, thai, etc.

        Good luck!

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            Cafe Asean has been a good first date spot for me, when I still had first dates. I never took a woman there who did not really like it. Tables are a bit close together, and the drinks are beer and wine only, I think. Good food, reasonable, slightly romantic.

            I like Madeline (sp?) which is one 43rd or 44th as a first date spot, when I went on a week night after 8. The theater crowd cleared out, and we had the place to ourself. Good food, not bad in price. Worked well.

            Pipa worked well enough in 2004 that we are still together. Tapas is a good date.

            La Gioconda (53rd btw. 2nd and 3rd) was also a good repeat spot for first dates that worked for me more than once.

            When I had a date coming into or out of Grand Central for work, I went to the Oyster Bar. I commuted for a while and met some commuters and reverse commuters.

            And, although the food is not awesome, I loved taking women to Trattoria Pesce & Pasta on Bleeker, and from there going for coffee, etc. at Bruno or Rocco's closer to 6th Ave. Worked many times.

          2. I second Cornelia Street Cafe.

            1. Are there any spots near Midtown that are good date spots that serves French?