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Mar 7, 2007 03:39 PM

Meyer Lemons in Toronto

I keep reading about Meyer Lemons, a delicious cross between lemons and oranges. I'm jealous of bloggers in California who talk about walking down the street and just picking them off overhanging branches. And cooks rave about them.
I've kept a watch out but have never seen them for sale in my area of northwest Toronto.
Has anyone seen them for sale? Anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area would be ok.

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  1. You must have missed the recent Meyer Lemon thread:

    I had never tried them, so went over to the Big Carrot and bought three. I cut it open to taste and it's nothing really special, seems like a cross between an orange and lemon. Maybe it's better if used when cooking. I used one in a dressing for a parsley salad I made to accompany roasted veal marrow bones and it worked well there.

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    1. re: foodyDudey

      Oh, foodyDudey, you're breaking my heart! You must have had the worst-ever Meyer Lemons for them to be "nothing really special". Good ones are transcendent and smell like summer! The are closer to a cross between a lemon and a lime. I use them, when I can get them, in everything: g and t's, lemon curd, lemonade syrup, dressings, lemon tarts. Longo's usually has a good supply and their produce is lovely. Keep persevering with them!

      1. re: AmandaEd

        AmandaEd, I'll try buying some from a few other stores and see if I find some that are better. It may just be that I'm expecting something different. I'll try the Loblaws Superstore at Leslie and Lakeshore as I heard they are available there. The Big Carrot still has a good supply but that's where I bought the first batch. I used one in a parsley salad and just cut up and ate the rest.

    2. Thanks for the link to the thread. I had missed it.
      Nobody seems to be totally positive about them.
      Guess I'll keep looking, maybe at my Loblaws Superstore, and hopefully try them myself.

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      1. re: torontovore

        I'd look for organic only. Like much big-store Toronto produce at this (or any) time of year, the stuff was mass-farmed, picked underripe, and has spent too much time travelling. No wonder "it's nothing really special".

        In a pinch for cooking or dressings, Williams-Sonoma and no doubt other places sell bottled Meyer Lemon Juice. I haven't tried it, but I would hazard a guess that, being bottled closer to the ripe source, it's a little tastier than our semi-green supermarket fruits.

        And yes, baking does seem to bring out the best. Meyer lemons transform a lemon tart and lemon curd, but don't waste it on a whiskey sour.

        1. re: DylS

          the Meyer lemons I bought were organic and not semi - green. My wife cut one up as she thought it was an orange - many are spherical instead of having the classical lemon shape. I'll have to try them in a cooked recipe when I have time for that.

      2. Wholefoods Yorkville $2.99.LB Bought some last week DLish! They didnt make it into the recipe I planned .I just ate them like an orange, perhaps a dip of sugar?

        1. I bought three Meyer lemons at a fancy market in San Francisco and smuggled them back to Toronto in my luggage, so I guess they were the real thing. They were nice: definitely much sweeter than normal lemons and weirdly enough, I wasn't crazy about them in the lemon dessert I tried. I like lemons *because* they're tart and astringent and always cut down the sugar in lemon dessert recipes because I think that quality shouldn't be bludgeoned with if you like lemons sour, don't spend the money on Meyer lemons.

          1. I'm pretty sure I saw them at puseteri's on avenue rd.