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Fresh Sauerkraut in Los Angeles?

I am making choucroute garnie on Sunday, and need fresh, as opposed to bottled or canned, sauerkraut. Mcgee's at the Farmers Market had it for years, but they stopped at the same time they dropped the world's best Thousand Island dressing, tartar sauce, etc.

Any ideas??

Many thanks.

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  1. The best brand I've had locally is Boars Head packed in refrigerated bags/cases. Gelsons carries it.

    If you weren't planning on it, I highly rec stopping by European Deluxe for their smoked pork chop. Very nice addition to choucroute.

    1. I'm guessing that by fresh, you don't want it to have been cooked in order to pasturize it? What about a deli like Canter's? Since they carry fresh pickles would there kraut also be fresh? By the way, I've been thinking that if I was going to make choucroute that I would buy korabuta pork belly at a Korean market. Good luck, hope this helps

      1. Alpine Village off the 110 in Torrance carries it in their deli.

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          Angel City Brewing is in Alpine Village too. Pick up some great beer while you're there! It's the only brewery that is truly local to LA!!

        2. check out Kreugermann's, which is made by a local company. it's the very best sauerkraut as far as i'm concerned. you can get it at alpine village and i've seen it at other places, too.

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            Sauerkraut by nature is a processed product. It's nomore fresh than a pickle is fresh.
            That said, Kruegermann is fantastic. They're in 'frogtown" near echo park by riverside. Check out their website. There is nothing in the 'kraut other than cabbage salt water and time.
            KRUEGERMANN ORIGINAL, 323-662-9313. 2824 Gilroy St Los Angeles, CA 90039
            their website is down. review at

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              I think he meant "freshly made" -- and before everyone jumps on me, yes, there's absolutely a difference, the same way you can tell old kimchi from new -- lactic acid is less of a dominant flavour in "fresh" sauerkraut and "fresh" kimchi than in older product.

          2. I believe Schreiner's in north Glendale carries it.

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              Yeah, Alpine Village and Schreiner's would be my best guesses, too.

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                That's where I get it, as well as almost everything else for my choucroutes. Yes, it is in a jar, but very fresh-tasting, if that's your concern.

              2. well, technically, fresh sauerkraut is shredded cabbage. it is by definition a processed food. so let's assume he means "fresh-tasting". kreugerman's certainly is. Give it a rinse and then cook it slowly with pieces of smoked pork and white wine. very good food (so why aren't there more good German restaurants?).

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                  Because there aren't enough hungry Germans. Okay, that sounds flippant, but it really does work that way - ethnic restaurants of any kind flourish where there's a strong desire for that kind of Mama's Home Cookin', and the more devoted hardcore fans there are, and the more demanding they are of the real authentic stuff, the more and better restaurants there'll be. I'm pretty well resigned to either cooking my own German stuff or making do with Polish, which is close enough for comfort. I'm just happy that Schreiner's is there...

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                    If by Fresh you mean healthy, un-proceesed with ____________, 100% natural, ect. The best there is just might be (at the bottom of that page in small print in the middle hit store locator and type in you zip code):

                    ..."so why aren't there more good German restaurants?"

                    A pet peave of mine as they have been slowly going out of business for many years, i.e Matterhorn Chef in Van Nuys 2 years ago, Knoll's Black Forest in Santa Monica 3 years ago, ect. My only contribution was to have e-mailed the German Consoluate's office in Los Angeles twice that they ought to have a listing of all the German restaurants in L.A. on their website like the S.F. German Consulate has. They never e-mailed me back, but they did do it. It's on the left hand side in blue and it's a PDF file. Warnng: some of the listed restaurants have closed, i.e .,The Mosel Cellar at 1510 Pico Blvd. has been gone for 15+ years!


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                      Yes, I know ir it processed. I have helped make it. The "fresh" is that kind that is in the original processing barrel. You can get it in New York on York. Only Mcgee had it here as far as I knew.

                    2. Alpine village fresh 'kraut is the best for choucroute. Get a smoked pork butt from the butcher while you're at it to add to garnie. You won't regret it.

                      1. Agree with Alpine Willage- they have it in plastic containers next to the cheese. I have some in the fridge now to cook w/ shredded potato, onion, and apple in bacon fat. However, it is not really "great"- I remember tasting fresh sauerkraut from a pickle guy at the Torrance Farmer's Market- he had all his product in big wooden barrels. That stuff had a kick. Perhaps someone knows if he is selling anywhere now.

                        1. Canter's or Nat and Al's deli counters both sell stellar sauerkraut. Don't need to go further away than that.

                          1. J & T European Gourmet Food, 1128 Wilshire, Santa Monica. They have fresh sauerkraut, it's good. (310) 394-7227