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Sandwich in financial district

I recently moved here from New York and I work on pine st. just off of market. I've had a tough time finding a decent deli sandwich at lunch. There seem to be plenty of high end sandwich places (as well as plenty of low end sandwich places) but I'm looking for a real good, big sandwich - something stuffed with turkey or chicken breast on a hero, wrap or roll. Somewhere you can feel free to ask for hot peppers that isn't a subway. Any ideas?

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  1. Birley's Sandwiches in Embarcadero 5 by the fountain. Huge delicious sandwiches made to order. The rare roast beef with horseradish is especially good.

    Keep in mind San Francisco isn't a Jewish deli kind of town; the best places here will be different from what you'd get in NYC.

    You might also check out Focaccia on Sacramento and Drumm. Really good roast chicken.

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      I think Birley's has closed and has been replaced by Buckhorn Grill.

      Believe it or not, I love Noah's tuna fish sandwich on a peppercorn potato bagel. It comes with potato salad and a pickle. The Bush/Battery location has seating upstairs.

      I also love Molinari's for their Italian sandwiches. It's a bit of a walk though I've done it many, many times. Mastiacelli (I'm blanking on the exact name) in the Ferry Building is related to Molinari's and is almost as good.

      Those aren't really turkey/chicken breast places (though they might have something along those lines).

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        Joe Mastrelli actually owns both Molinari's and Mastrelli's.

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          As far as I know Birley's is still there. Their website is current, and someone posted on Yelp about it yesterday.

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            Birley's is definitely still there, Buckhorn just moved in next door. I love their sandwiches, but they're definitely on the fancy end.

        2. "Deli &" on Montgomery between Sutter and Bush. Decent sandos, especially on ciabatta.

          1. Working Girls. There is one on Mission and Spear, two blocks away.

            1. Try the roast turkey breast sandwich at any of the Lee's Delis (on Montgomery, Kearny or Battery Streets). Lee's is not a "deli" in the east coast sense. It is basically a sandwich shop.
              The turkey breast they use is real and it is sliced thick. I think you can get peppers on a sandwich there. You can get it on a variety of rolls or breads.

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                Yes, that's a good recommendation. I like it with avocado but they also offer turkey with cranberry sauce. Cheap too.

              2. Max's isn't bad, in theBoA building, by SF standards for deli sandwhiches...but it ain't that cheap

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                  Max's is definitely NY deli style...

                2. Seller's Market is great, 2nd & Market.

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                    The OP would appear to be much closer to the original Sellers Market.

                  2. what were your favorite delis in nyc??

                    1. years ago, many shops in FiDi have half price after 2 or 3 pm. Are there still any? I take my lunch 2:30 to 3:30. A good sammy at a good price is the ticket!

                      1. I know what you're looking for. Gambino's is the only place downtown that comes close. When you go in, you'll know it just smells right.

                        Gambino New York Subs
                        301 Clay St, San Francisco, CA
                        (415) 834-9120

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                          Hey draffle, but have you found a worthy Cubano yet?

                          1. re: Melanie Wong

                            speaking as a native miamian, there is no good cuban food in san francisco. i've tried it all, nothing comes close.

                            i hear theres a really good place down on the peninsula, but i rarely get out of the city.

                            it's not the financial district, but i think the reuben at morty's deli on golden gate, behind uc hastings, is the best i've had in the city. not that there are very many decent ones. perhaps the original poster's new york standards are higher than mine.

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                              Acme chophouse has a decent cubano. Not exactly authentic, but the basic flavor is right and it's definintely a good sandwich. Definitely worth trying if you're gonig to a Giants game. They'll even pack it to go if you want to eat it in the park.

                              I'm going back to Miami in a few weeks so I'll get my fix then.

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                                it's the bread. you can have the marinated pork right, but the bread is still missing.

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                                  Have you tried the cuban food at El Rincon on 16th?

                                  Thanks for the tip on Morty's deli. There were a few mentions when the opened, but not a lot.

                        2. I used to love Specialty's when I worked in S.F. They've got the best homemade breads there and they totally make the sandwich. They pile them with lots of meats and veggies. Salads here are hit or miss, and depending on which location you go to, service is spotty too. But who cares when you can get a killer sandwich and a heavenly brownie or cookie! (Warning: this is a very Californian sandwich, not at all NYC deli style. Those are nearly impossible to find here.) www.specialtys.com

                          1. I agree, Specialty's is one of the best sandwich shops in San Francisco, in addition their incredible cookies. Very good value.

                            1. Great deli sandwiches at Rado's, a couple of doors down from Tadich Grill. Go to the carving board area towards the back for fresh roast turkey or roast beef sanfwiches with all the fixins. Great value, too.

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                                It's the third establishment in the great cheek-by-jowl troika of Tadich, Perbacco, and Rado ;-)