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Mar 7, 2007 02:23 PM

Garlic Restaurant???

Is there a restaurant in the city with a garlic menu? I saw something on TV but didnt catch where it was, but they were talking about how cabs wont pick up customers because they stink up there cabs!
Def want to try it if theres something like it in the city

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  1. Was it The Stinking Rose? If so, it's in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

    1. Don't know of any restaurant in NYC with a garlic-oriented menu. But in N.J., Garlic Rose has two locations, the original in Madison and another in Cranford.

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      1. re: RGR

        The Garlic Rose (at least the Madion restaurant) is awesome - but you WILL stink for a few days. Also, last time I went it was BYOB, just so you know. Go to the gym the next day & sweat it out if you don't want people to run away :)

        1. re: outside25

          We've been to the Madison location once. I was actually surprised to find that the garlic flavor was quite subtle -- at least, in the dishes we had. Perhaps there are others where it's much more assertive.

      2. I vaguely remember seeing a show recently, and hearing that line, and it was about the Stinking Rose in SF and LA.

        1. The only garlic restaurant I know of is the Stinking Rose in SF. We went there. It was absolutely HORRIBLE. Don't go no matter what you saw on tv. It was vile, everything we ate from beginning to end...and I love garlic.

          1. I think there was a thread on the L.A. board and unanimously it was deemed awful.