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Jul 14, 2005 06:25 PM

Cafe Fanny Ice Cream

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Not crazy about it. It has an odd texture which may have to do with a high butterfat content.

The chocolate is intense in flavor and reminded me of Sketches fudgsicle. However the Cafe Fanny ice cream is really grainy. It is not unpleasant, sort of like eating a frozen brownie.

The Meyer Lemon was full of lemon flavor and lots of lemon peel, but again that texture was off putting. At a price of $4.50 for a scoop, I probably won't be exploring more flavors.

They had vanilla, dulce de leche and orange blossom. Unfortunately the orange blossom was sold out.

While Chez Panisse is my favorite restaurant, I can be somewhat of a food barbarian, not appreciating French Laundry or those fancy Ferry Plaza chooolate makers.

So am I missing something here?

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  1. Hmmm. I've never had Cafe Fanny Ice Cream but from your description, it sounds like it's over-spun. In the interest of pure research, of course, I will have to investigate! :-)

    Ya know, of all the fancy pants ice cream in the east bay, my favorite is still Fenton's Rocky Road - how they keep the walnuts in the ice cream so fresh and crunchy is amazing. Delicious!

    1. I've had the meyer lemon CF ice cream and I really loved it. It had a good texture and the lemon peel in it was great. It's waaaaay too expensive, though, espec. for such a small portion.

      I know what you mean about overly rich/fatty ice cream. There used to be a place in LA called Will Wrights that had ice cream that would leave a film of buttery stuff on the roof of your mouth. Yuck.

      1. Hey rworange,

        Please contact me directly.