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Mar 7, 2007 02:19 PM

Blind Tiger returning!

According to the blog on New York Magazine's website, Blind Tiger finally got a liquor license. No word yet on how soon they'll be reopening.


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  1. I've heard it'll be opening up tomorrow evening. I know I'll be there.
    :::::::clay williams:::::

    1. Is it opening at the same location? I miss the patina:(

      1. No, the new location is on Bleeker between 7th and 6th. Near John's Pizzeria... I haven't seen it yet.


        1. Yes, Thursday evening at 4pm they will be open. Their regular hours will be 4pm - 4am. Not sure yet if they will be serving food (again) right away, or if they are still reworking that end of things. I believe they are planning introduce breakfast items (and open earlier) at a later date. While they were open last fall and only serving food and coffee, I really got used to having their lattes and delicious muffins in the morning.

          I'm very happy to have them back in the neighborhood, and will defintely stop by Thursday night... cheers!

          1. I stopped in for a couple of rounds last night and it was jammed! I saw many familiar faces. Glad to have it back. I look forward to the crowds dying down a bit so I can actually see the place.