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Mar 7, 2007 02:15 PM

Camarillo Brunch or Weekend Lunch Recs?

Already tried California Grill and maybe it was an off day, but we weren't that impressed. The other diners in our group are not big fans of Japanese or Sushi. Any ideas?

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  1. Herzog winery. It would be closed on Saturday.

    1. Piero,
      Actually, this being a kosher winery, it was closed on Saturday and open on Sundays. We made reservations online and we on Sunday. Thanks for the rec - It was something new and differnent in the area. There was some misses and mix-ups on the service but nothing unforgiveable. The food was good - not stellar, but we thought it was a good value. (We did the winetasting lunch at $40/pp. A salad course, fairly good sized entree, desert and wine pairings. We were surprised that our favorite wine/course pairing was the salad with a Rose of Cab Sauv. Looking forward to seeing what the chefs do for the spring menu. Thanks for the tip - it was a nice afternoon.

      1. Forget Camarillo. Get in the car and take the short drive up to Ventura. Get off the 101 at California, turn right, go to Main, turn left. The restaurant is Maria Bonita, on the west (ocean) side of Main, just before the mission on the right. Fabulous riffs on Mexican regional cooking; I have never had anything there that was less than terrific, and the prices are extremely reasonable.