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Mar 7, 2007 02:14 PM


I just found out I will be there this Saturday night - 3/10 - where is the best place for a moderatley priced ($+/- $100 for two) dinner. Seafood is preferred; if not a steakhouse is fine. I am on the road and do not have time nor bandwidth to search the boards. Thank you in advance for your help

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  1. You should wait and see if someone backs me up on this cause I have not lived on LI for about 3 years, but Painters ( may fit the bill. Can someone confirm if it still good?

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      When we lived there, we loved the Oar House in Patchogue, it's on the canal by the ferries, south of Main St. Great seafood, not too pricey although not cheap. They have steak too.
      For the best deal, Howards Pub in the Waldbaums S/C, Patchogue Sunrise Hwy, has great burgers and the steaks are good too. For $50, you'll get a big dinner: burger with 2 toppings, really good fries (two choices, spicy waffle or giant quartered Idahos), unlimited beer or wine and a giant salad to start.
      Varney's in Bellport used to be very good, he did mainly veal and steak as I recall. That might work for you.
      Haven't heard anything about Painters in years, I thought they were closed frankly. They're farther out, in Brookhaven Village.