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Mar 7, 2007 02:09 PM

Help: Super Cocina hours, or a later alternative....

Hi Hounds:

am coming into San Diego tonight, staying in Hillcrest. I had wanted to try Chilanga, but my plane doesn't touch down until 8:15, so I realized I may not make it before they close at, was thinking of trecking over to Super Cocina, as I will have a car, but I can't find any info about their hours. Are they open late? If not, can the hounds suggest an alternative in or near Hillcrest or downtown or no more than about 10 minutes away?

The rest of my time in SD is covered, will be at meetings and visiting relatives, but I would love a good suggestion for eating alone tonight. If not Mexican, then sushi would be great, if you have any really good places....Italian I can get plenty of at home...

Thanks for any suggestions for a good place for a good meal after a long day!

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  1. Sorry, that would be Chilango...but you know what I meant. I know it isn't far from the airport, but given my luck with flight times lately, I am presuming it could be closed, and will need something with later hoping you can tell me good news in that regard about Super Cocina!

    1. If you're into sushi I would pick up the phone right now and try to get a reservation Sushi Ota. I highly recommend that you sit at the sushi bar so that you can develop a rapport with one of the chefs. The uni is the best I've ever had and everything is spectacular. I just let the chef decide. Super Cocina is really good but it's a hole in the wall and in a questionable neighborhood (although I'm sure you'd be fine -- they have their own parking lot so you won't have to walk far). Other than that, I'd avoid the Mexican food in SD and go for sushi.

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        I don't mind holes in the wall or questionable neighborhoods...and Mexican is really my first choice; sushi was just the backup. Does anyone know the hours for Super Cocina?

      2. Accordin to the U.Tribune, their hours are 8 am-8:30 pm daily. (619) 584-6244

        1. Well, Chilango's is closed for good, and Super Cocina closes around 8:30, I believe. Mama Testa's would have been my other choice, but during the week they close at 9pm. I'd suggest Ono Sushi (1236 University) but I'm not sure how good it would be dining alone. It gets pretty busy in there, but you may want to try it. Since you'll be there late, it may not be as busy. One other suggestion, though I haven't tried this one yet is Ortega's (across from where Chilango's was). They serve the Mexican-style lobster dinner, and I know they're open late.

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          1. re: phee

            oh, thanks for that update, I had no idea that Chilango's was closed; missed it here. What a shame. and it sounds like I won't be able to get to Super Cocina before they close. Sigh.

            Well, I may go with the Ota suggestion (I prefer traditional sushi), or try Ortega's, which does appeal because of its proximity to where I am staying and the late hours (their website says open till midnight).

            Thanks and I will report back either way!

            1. re: susancinsf

              If you want authentic Japanese food and sushi - go to Sakura on Convoy. A lot of info about it on these boards. But Kazu is the best and the food there is incredible. I'm not usually there late at night, but it's an Izakaya and should be open.


              1. re: Ed Dibble

                Was at Sakura last night. They are open until midnight.

                Man, what great food.

                1. re: Ed Dibble

                  Thanks Ed. It does sound great....and if I hadn't had the road warrier week from hell, I probably would have gone, but I couldn't face getting back in the rental car and going up to Kearny Mesa....It is on the list for future trips, however.

                  1. re: susancinsf

                    Do remember it as I think you would like. Also bear in mind that most of the time the freeways in SD actually work, so Kearny Mesa isn't really far away from Hillcrest in terms of time spent driving.


                    1. re: Ed Dibble

                      This is particularly true of the 163. I live in Hillcrest and my girlfriend lives in Kearny Mesa. It's 10 minutes door to door.

            2. I would second Ono Sushi if you want to stay in Hillcrest. Much more of a fusion sushi place than Ota, but it's good. It's also fun as hell.