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Mar 7, 2007 02:04 PM

Back A Yard togo summary

So I had some friends come over to the house, and we wanted some takeout, so this was a chance to try out Back A Yard in Menlo Park - I read from previous posts on what best to order, and we had 5 people so here is what I got:

Jerk Chicken
Jerk Pork
Fried Snapper
Braised Oxtails
Jerk Tofu (we have a vegetarian)

The general consensus was that all the food was very good - the only item that was average was the fried snapper.

I really liked the oxtails (highly recommended) - the meat was falling off the bones.
The flavors on the jerk pork and chicken were great - not immediately spicy, but the spices sit on your tongue and after a while, you notice that it's hot.

They gave a small soup - it was chicken with lentils soup - big piece of chicken and lots of vegetables.

There is a sauce that they include with the jerk dinners - I'm not sure what it is, but it's great - it looks like the same sauce that they have in the rice?

I'd like to try the patties -
Is there anything else that is good - the other special was chicken curry that I didn't get -

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  1. we love the oxtail, yummy. Hubby liked the goat curry & gumbo.

    1. The festivals are awesome- these are the fried corn dough things- sometimes they are smaller and heavier, but at backayard they are these large light, slightly sweet subtly flavored and totally great. I don't know if these are how they are really supposed to be or not, the ones I have had in Jamaica were always more dense, but these are better. You get 4 or 5 per order and they are pretty cheap.

      1. Went there last night because these reviews were making me hungry. The cashier asked me if it was my first time, and I said yes. She asked where I heard about them and I told her Chowhound - to which she said I was the fifth person in the past couple days who came from this forum! She said, "They must have put a new article on there, huh?" She was so so sweet!

        Got the jerk chicken and pork, as well as the bbq ribs and chicken. They were all delicious, a little spicy but not too bad. The corn festivals were ginormous. I thought it was like eating a huge donut.

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          Awesome- I have never seen them that big anywhere- it is a gem of their menu. Backayard is really good, but I do wish for more spice in the jerk, that being said, you can taste the complexity in it, it is just that salt can dominate without the extra heat.

          1. re: P. Punko

            I was just by again yesterday and tried the goat curry and the soup of the day, which was listed as chicken pumpkin. Both times I've been to Back A Yard, the highlight was the soups and sauces. Last time it was a black bean soup, and I don't like beans. And of course the secret sauce served with the jerk.

            I would have called the chicken pumpkin soup a curry. I wish I'd ordered a much bigger bowl, or a vial to send to a lab. Great soup. No idea what else was in it.

            Goat curry was green! Very tasty sauce, although a lot of awkward bones. Even the small portion was very big.

            The only miss was the Key lime pie, which was a lot like my mother's recipe with graham cracker crust and jell-o. I continue to look forward to sneaking in a visit here on my trips down 101.