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Mar 7, 2007 02:01 PM

The Kitchen for Exploring Food (with photos)

Thanks to all for suggested The Kitchen for catering. I haven't decided to go with them to cater my 100 person wedding, but I did drop by for lunch and LOVE it.

Just a mile or so west of Oldtown Pasadena on Colorado, The Kitchen is everything Oldtown is not: there's plenty of parking, there are no long lines, and the food is FANTASTIC.

It's not fancy looking, and by visuals alone you might think "What's the difference between this and any salad bar?" But the difference is in the taste. Good, seasonal food, properly prepared, and seasoned just enough to highlight natural flavors without overpowering anything. Each and every salad I sampled tasted different from each other, which is so rare these days.

I encourage everyone to stop by for lunch if you're wondering where to eat in Oldtown. The only drawbacks are that there are only two or three tables because it's not a sit down restaurant, and I'm not sure what variety of drinks they might or might not have. I think The Kitchen's cold salad and vegetables are as good or--dare I say--better than Clementine's.

The staff was very nice and encouraged me to go in for a consultation, which I plan to if I ever find a great location that will let me use their catering for my wedding!

Photos and more commentary:

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  1. I love this place too. It's great to be able to pick up delicious and healthy (if you want) food to take home and eat. Favorites include their flank steak with a chimichurri sauce, tomato and onion salad, and wonderful grilled vegetables. Everything is fresh and tasty...

    Clare K.

    1. Try their crab bisque and potato salad.

      1. excellent- glad to hear your "exploring" was so rewarding. and thanks for the detailed feedback- I was, and will continue to be, insanely curious as to what you're discovering(warts and all) in your search ;-)

        1. Slightly OT, but for a location have you looked at the L.A. River Center? Allows outside catering.

          I don't have experience with tasting caterers' food, since I was planning from out of state, but I kind of understand why there's an issue with tasting the food at someone else's wedding. That being said, if I were a caterer, I would provide some sort of freebie basics - like a canape or two -- at an initial consultation meeting. Basically it comes down to word of mouth.

          1. Yeh - it is a bit unorthodox and I agree w/T.K. Truely not ethical business practices and, becomes a risk management issue too sorry. HOWEVER, if you were to suggest they prepare you a "doggie bag" of tasties they are making for the wedding you're observing, and that you'll pay separatein advance they, may be more inclined to provide for you. :)KQ (just an idea).
            Have you tried Auntie Em's?