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Mar 7, 2007 01:50 PM

RW - Lumiere

Thought I'd post a quick review on my Restaurant Week meal at Lumiere. This was my first time dining at Lumiere and the only RW reservation I made for the week. My fiance and I were both pretty impressed with the food and the service and will defintely be back to try their regular menu. Here is what we ordered: Apps: baby iceberg salad and brandade croquettes. Entrees: hanger steak frites, pan seared hake with potatoes, artichokes, arugula and citrus vinaigrette. Dessert: buttermilk panna cotta with dried fruit compote, chocolate souffle cake with sour cream ice cream.

We both loved the fish cake. It reminded me of the ones my grandmother use to send home for my dad, except this was obviously deep fried for an extra crispy crust. The hanger steak was cooked perfectly medium rare, but a bit tough. The hake was excellent. I thought both of the desserts were great, but I really enjoyed the panna cotta. The assorted dried fruit compote with a hint of maple was insanely good. In addition to the RW menu, they were offering a curried steak tartar for no extra charge and a stuffed veal chop I believe for maybe $10 more.

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  1. I believe they offer a prix fixe (sp) menu on a regular basis, as does 33.

    1. Lumiere is one of our favorite restaurants, service and food are consistently excellent. I think their prix fixe is offered on Sunday nights, unless that's changed recently.

      1. the curried steak tartare is outstanding.

        1. I went with some friends for the RW menu and it was fabulous. I would definitely go back.

          I started with the artichoke soup - very smooth, and the drizzle of olive oil on the top added a lot of depth. I had the steak frites as well, and I agree with Ali G, it was a little tough, but the sauce was delicious. The fries were perfect -thin and crispy and they kept their flavor even as they cooled. I added creamed spinach for an additional $5 and it was well worth it. Dessert was a pear and frangipane tart tatin - light and not overly sweet.