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Mar 7, 2007 01:37 PM

Beacon or K-Zo?

My father, the wine salesman, will be here for the Sake Festival in 2 weeks. That night we have to go to dinner with one of his suppliers, who had been on the circuit pushing her new Japanese wine, Koshu. My father is the sole importer of the wine, and was here last month to do some rounds. We hit Katsu-ya Brentwood and Koi then, need another Asian place to go next time, but it doesnt necessarily have to be fusion, just be an upscale place with the clientele that would buy this wine. (it's not sake, but a dry white wine from the mountains)

Considering I havent yet been to Beacon or K-Zo, and they are on my list to try in 2007, I was thinking one of these, especially because they are pretty central as well. I see mixed reviews on the boards, so I thought I'd pose the question directly. Please, let me know, and also if there is anywhere else that might be better in the Beverly Hills/ Culver City/ West Hollywood-ish area.

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  1. I've never been to K-Zo, but I like Beacon a lot. However, I wouldn't call it an "upscale place"--I think it's more casual. However, I do think they had a lot of choices for Japanese wine (not sure since I don't drink much wine myself), so it might fit the bill anyway. When I think of upscale Asian fusion food, I think of Mako in Beverly Hills. They have excellent Asian small plates--much better food than Beacon, in my opinion, although pricier when you add it all up. Not sure if it attracts a wine-drinking clientele though.

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      I've been to Mako, but must have chosen wrong or hit an off night, because we didn't really love it and everyone on the board raves about it. Should I go there and give it another shot or try Beacon? I think I've taken K-zo out of the equation, but now there's a new choice to make...

    2. Beacon is somewhere between upscale and casual. It's kind of trendy, it's not the sort of place you'll see baseball caps and polo shirts. But it's not full of celebrities, there's no valet, and well, it's in Culver City (where I live so don't harsh on me!) I think it's the type of place that would serve the wine you're talking about. They do serve various interesting liquors. K-Zo I've only stuck my head in, but it seems nice. Beacon has more "buzz" I'd say.

      1. Beacon is a great restaurant, one of my favorite restaurants in L.A. I totally agree that it is Upscale/Casual. Great food. It might be what you're looking for. They have a very extensive wine list.

        1. in your neck of the woods (S,M,L,XL):

          sushi zo (beverlywood) good, simple strip mall ambience (40-80pp)
          sushi sushi in beverly hills is very good and intimate (50-100 pp)
          nishimura is very good but expensive and much fancier feeling (over 100 pp)
          and of course urasawa beverly hills at 250pp

          1. i wanted to like beacon but after 5 visits i have to say that i don't see any reason to go back. neither the food nor the service (actually rude) is anything to write chowhound about