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Fried chicken and coconut cake

Where do i get the best downhome cooking in NYC or outside of the city?

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  1. I'm not sure it's the best, but I like Maroons.

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      I love maroons, too. Great fried chicken....

      1. pies and thighs in williamsburg, near the bridge (s.5th and kent). it operates out of the kitchen of a long-standing dive bar and produces excellent fried chicken, fried catfish, pulled pork, collards, etc and amazing pies (sweet potato, key lime, french silk, apple, fruit cobbler, to name a few). definitely worth the trip if you're not from the area.

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        1. For coconut cake, I like Black Hound.

            1. Sylvia's has the sorriest soul food I ever experienced. Plus, everything is loaded with MSG so that if you don't leave there with a pounding headache, it's a minor miracle.

              I make my own fried chicken and coconut cake, so I'm sorry I can't recommend any places to get them other than my house.

              1. Charles' Southern Kitchen is sometimes highly recommended for fried chicken and greens and m&c, Amy Ruth's is recommended for chicken & waffles and pies n thighs is great, tho not EXACTLY old school...close enough tho! But that's in bkln.

                1. Mara's homemade, on E. 6th b/t 1st & 2nd. The food is great; the hurricanes are deadly.

                  1. mama's food shop on e. 3rd st. bet. ave. a and b has good friend chicken and loads of yummy sides (baked mac, grilled veggies) and a yummy banana cream pie. the best coconut cake i've had in the city is at amy's bread and cake man raven (fort greene,brooklyn).