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Mar 7, 2007 12:56 PM

Florence, SC or Fayetteville, NC

anything to rec for a decent meal?
bbq always welcome, closer to the Interstate is better.

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  1. Not familiar with Florence. Not too familiar with Fayetteville but The Mash House is somewhere I would visit again. Menu at

    1. What about Fuller's in Lumberton? It is right off of 95 and features an all-you-can eat buffet including B-B-Q. My notes say "go hungry." You can also order off the regular menu. Two kinds of greens, several varieties of beans (butter beans, black eyed peas, etc), good barbecue. Of course, fried chicken, B-B-Q chicken and lots more. II really like the mashed rutabagas. I also sampled the pork ribs which were nice and smoky. Didn't like the cabbage. It is a good (but very filling) stop on our way to Myrtle Beach.

        1. re: Fritz

          I have heard good things about the Thunderbird for breakfast in Florence.

        2. The Thunderbird has be the deal for I know over 30 years. Just comfort food, but boy is it good.

          1. have you an address for ?

            know anything about:

            Red Bone Alley Restaurant
            1903 W Palmetto St

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            1. re: Fritz

              I was there a few years ago. It was fine -- not exceptional. On a Saturday night, it definitely was edging toward bar rather than restaurant.