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Mar 7, 2007 12:52 PM

Dry rub recipes for pork?

After spending over an hour mixing and tasting spices the other , I was feeling a little unsettled. What are your best spice rub concoctions that don't include pre-mixed or store-bought mixtures? Not to be snobbish, but it seems like cheating to start with a prepared rub and add pepper.

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  1. I like the New Best Recipe generic barbecue rub. It's great on ribs and chicken. I imagine it would also be great on a pork shoulder or brisket. Substitute to taste, of course.
    3T sweet paprika
    2T chili powder
    2T ground cumin
    2T dk br sugar
    2T salt
    1T dried oregano
    1T sugar
    1T black pepper
    1T white pepper
    1-2 tsp cayenne or chipotle

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      This is a lot like my own recipe, but I use a higher ratio of salt& sugar, plus some ground coriander and garlic. For fish, I substitute some of the cayenne and cumin with ground fennel seeds. It's fun to experiment with different blends, and then gift them in small jars for friends who rave about them.

    2. The new edition of Joy of Cooking has a delicious Southern Barbecue rub -- and tons of other good ones. The bbq is my favorite - I made pulled pork w/ it for the superbowl and have gotten at least 1 request a week to make it again.

      1. My favorite is super simple:

        # 1/2 cup salt
        # 1/4 cup pepper
        # 1 Tbsp garlic powder
        # 1 Tbsp oregano
        # 1 Tbsp celery seed
        # 1 Tbsp paprika
        # 1 Tbsp chile powder

        I adjust the chile powder to taste....

        1. I'm a minimalist. I put a tsp of rosemary in my spice grinder with a tsp of sea salt and half a tsp of pepper corns, grind it to a powder, and use that as a rub for roast pork loin. Rub it in well, let rest half an hour, brush with olive oil, roast til done but not overdone - pork should be juicy, imo.

          1. I see some of the previous replies include chili powder in their ingredient lists. I advise not using commercial chili powder because it usually contains salt as the first ingredient in the label list as well as cumin and Mediterranean oregano (as opposed to Mexican oregano). Get some ground chile like cayenne as some replies include.

            There are some mail-order sources of ground chiles if you cannot find any in your vicinity. The product should be of one or more chile variety source(s). No other additives.