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Mar 7, 2007 12:44 PM

Dinner in South Charlotte / Ballantyne Area

Can anyone recommend the best places for a weeknight dinner in this area? I'm looking for tops in food, ambience and hipness be damned. All ethnic categories considered. Thanks.


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  1. Check previous posts for Ilios Noche - very good, fresh Mediterranean style dishes, casual but comfortable spot. Highly recommended. Very popular. Providence Road just south of 485 (enter small shopping center on rh side). The only place in the area I would recommend without hesitation.

    1. Ilios Noche is nice, but i dont think it's "tops in food." I think it gets more credit than do. If you need to stick in the Ballantyne area, and you are on a weeknight, I'd recommend Table in the Ballantyne Village shopping center. While it has a "trendy" Saturday night crowd, weeknights are a bit more low-key. There is an nice wine bar with music up one level. If you are willing to drive 15 minutes, the best food in Charlotte comes out of the kitchen at Barringtons in the Foxcroft shopping center on Fairview.

      1. I was going to mention Table. Chef Gene was gracious enough to co-host a beer dinner with me...the wild boar and the oyster app were both amazing.