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KP's Vietnamese Deli - Yummy!

Yesterday, after a doctor's appointment at Kaiser, Sunset, I was driving home on Hyperion and spotted a liquor store (had to get some tickets for last night's Mega drawing, of course!). Pulled over and parked. Got the tix and only then realized that I was parked directly in front of KP's. Hmmm, had never been, so who am I to not seize this opportunity?
After pausing to read all the articles in the window of this small but functional space, I walked in. I was greeted by an enthusiastic "Hi" from Tu (KP's niece (hope I got that right)). After looking at the menu and recalling that people on CH had mentioned the KP's Kold Kut Banh Mi (Pate, Pork, Jambon, Pickled Carrots & Daikon, Cucumber, Cilantro, Maggi Sauce, Mayo & sliced Jalapenos) $5.55 I ordered one of those and debated with Tu about whether to get the regular Spring Rolls or the Veggie Spring Rolls (only difference is that the veggie version has tofu in place of the shrimp and pork in the regular ones). Determined that I wanted the Veggie ones. $5.55 (regular $6.00). I also ordered a green tea in a can (green can) $1. The prices are definitely steeper than what you find at the Banh Mi places in San Gabriel, but once I received my order, I quickly realized that you get more than you pay for at KP's.
Everything was made to order by Tu. We chatted about CH while she was preparing my meal. Once everything was together, she brought me the tray. WOW!! Everything was HUGE! The spring rolls are easily twice the size of those at any other Vietnamese place, and you get 3!! The Banh Mi was very large as well. I knew I would never finish it all and told Tu I would be back to have some of it wrapped up to go.
I deposited myself at one of the tables in the hallway outside of the store (they also have tables outside on the sidewalk) and began with a spring roll. Very good, very fresh! So good! I really liked the Peanut Hoisin Sauce that they served with them. I also got a small container of chili sauce. Heaven. Then onto the Banh Mi. This sandwich was beautiful – stuffed with meats and veggies. The pickled carrots and daikon had just the perfect taste of sweet and sour – not overpowering as vinegary items can sometimes be. The pate was very tasty, the meats tender and delicious. I loved the bread. It was perfection in a roll! I love jalapenos and these were nice and hot. When you bite into a part of the sandwich that has jalapeno in it, you get that slow burn which stays with you when you bite into parts that do not. This was definitely a sandwich that I will get again. You can tell that KP’s cares about their products and customers.
I was only able to eat one half of the sandwich and one of the Spring Rolls (Yay, breakfast!). Went back inside and Tu wrapped everything nicely up to go. I bought another of those green tea drinks and was on my way with a promise to definitely be back soon!
They also offer 3 other types of Banh Mis ($5.55-6.50): BBQ Pork, Beef Jerky and Pulled Chicken one. American Sandwiches ($5-6): Oven Baked Turkey, B-TLC (Bacon, LT & Cheddar), Ham Sandwich and Chicken Apple Sausage. Side Salads ($3.50-$4): Shrimp Papaya Salad, Chicken Salad, Chopped Salad, Beef Jerky Papaya Salad. Vegetarian offerings ($5.55-6): Vegetarian Banh Mi, Wheat Meat Sandwich, Meatless Meatballs. Also a Banh Bo ($2) – steamed bun filled with pork, eggs, mushrooms, peas and carrots.
Also, they have this great thing called “Just Honk” – phone in your order, drive up to the front of the building, honk and they will bring your order out to you. Not too shabby!
I am so glad that I stopped by. So delicious and like I said, definitely worth the price!! Go if you have not already!

KP’s Vietnamese American Deli
2616 Hyperion, Suite B
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 913-1818
(323) 913-06658 fax
M-F 11am-7pm; Sat 11am-6pm

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  1. Glad you liked it! They are so nice. Sure, they're a few dollars more than in the Vietnamese neighborhoods, but if you don't live in those neighborhoods, KP's is well worth it (and as you point out, the sandwiches are larger).

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      Hi Patty! I forgot to mention that Tu mentioned your name (she is a lurker on CH, but not a poster!). She said that you have done good things for the restaurant by posting about it!

    2. that place rules. definitely worth the extra dollar not having to battle the 10.

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        More like an extra 3-4 dollars! And getting to the SGV usually only takes about 11 minutes from that area.

        That said, I've definitely gone to KPs a few times when I'm around. I like their decent selection of veg stuff, and the food is pretty good, though I like the pickles at other places a little better. I actually prefer the sandwiches with a little less stuff inside.

        The staff is a little weird - I don't know how to describe it, but a little too eager to please or something.

      2. While KP's is a good Silverlake area spot for a Vietnamese Sandwich, there is an option closer than the SGV. Years ago I stumbuled upon a little shop in Chinatown in a shoping center between Ceasar Chavez and Ord, just off New High (the street just east of Broadway). I currently forget the extact name, but the traditional sandwiches are a good two dollars each for the standard cold cut combo and a few quaters more for the other varieties. Nice crusty bread and fresh vegetables in each one, and an array of other Vietnamese goods to examine and buy. If you find yourself in Chinatown hungry with only a few bucks, be sure to stop by.

        1. Sounds really yummy. :)

          1. i think you are referring to Buu Dien--which means post office in vietnamese--but it is a small deli that i LOVE. the food is fresh and authentic and cheap. i LOVE this place.

            1. KP's Deli is really good. Much bigger than the typical Banh Mi. But I was even more impressed by the quality of the ingredients. Also, the owner is really nice. I wish they stayed open later because it is hard to get there before they close.

              1. Thanks, WildSwede and everyone else that posted on KP's Vietnamese American Deli. It is everything delicious that all of you have noted. Yes, all of the ingredients are wonderfully fresh, and my banh mi was BURSTING with "stuff." I tried to order the vegetarian, but the server lit up when she recommended their assorted meats sandwich, so I went with that. I don't think one can go wrong because, for me, it's the cilantro and jalapenos and pickled veggies that make it so good, and anything else is just assisting.

                Anyhow, it was a really great banh mi and discovery...thanks, all! And the owner and her assistant were extremely friendly. I highly recommend this deli! Anyone looking for it -- it is directly across the street from Gelson's.

                We walked down a few doors -- still on Hyperion -- to Say Cheese. They seemed to be doing a good business, but after our Vietnamese sandwiches it was almost painful even to window shop!

                1. I went to KP's today and I think I met Tu. I chatted with the girl and I mentioned chowhound and she said she checked out the board often. I didn't get her name, she was super cool, so I'm guessing it was her.

                  The sandwiches were huge! As she was making them she asked me if I was hungry. I just wanted to make sure I got to try most of the menu. I got the spring rolls, BBQ Pork sandwich, Beef Jerky, and pulled chicken. I liked the pork one the best. It wasn't too sweet and had a lot of flavor. I think it's a must if you're experimenting with banh mi in southern california!