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Mar 7, 2007 12:14 PM

The Best Little Bread Pudding in Baltimore?

I've done a little searching through past posts, but I'm hoping to find a restaurant in a celebration-worthy Baltimore restaurant that won't break the bank. Charleston would be above budget, but Petit Louis Bistro would be okay. Some place where there servers wear striped shirts or every appetizer is deep fried is not what we have in mind.

This is for a bread pudding-obsessed friend's milestone birthday, so your help is greatly appreciated.


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  1. Baltimore's CityPaper had an article on this very topic. I've only had it at Cafe Hon (very good), so I can't vouch for the others.

    1. Last time that I ate there (last month) the Bicycle in Fed Hill had a tasty bread pudding with pears. Definately within your price range and celebration-worthy.

      1. I also have a bread-pudding obsession.

        Bicycle used to have the best ever bread pudding, but last two times I went it was off the menu, but I haven't been in awhile.

        Wine Market also has had a very good one, but they seem to change their desserts semi-regularly and last time I went (this past weekend) they had a banana bread pudding on the menu, but were out!!

        I also recently was forced to eat at Babalu, which overall was pretty terrible, but the bread pudding was surprisingly good.

        I order it everywhere I go to dinner if they have it, so if you have any specific restaurants that I haven't mentioned , I can try and remember if there's is any good :)

        I haven't had it at any of the places mentioned in the article, so apparently I have some new places to try...

        1. haven't been there in a while but "b" bistro in bolton hill had yummy bread pudding the last time I was there, though it might be a little casual for a birthday bash

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            the "b" really does have great bread pudding especially if you get a scoop of pistacio ice cream with favorite combination

          2. The Krispy Kreme bread pudding at Ale Mary's has become my new favorite. And Helen's Garden usually puts out a delicious spin on it as well, though it's not always on the menu. When it is, however, I always order it, regardles of how full I might be.