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Good Tangra style chinese?

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Where besides Tangra can one get good chili chicken or chinese food in general in Kolkata?

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  1. try chinatown restaurant in new market area across from society movie hall.

    1. Try

      Mainland China - on Gurusaday Road ( off Ballyganj Circular Road)
      Hakka - run by the same group that runs Mainland China- City Centre Salt Lake
      Red Hot Chili Peppers - Salt Lake Sector V and Ballyganj Circular Road
      Marco Polo in China - Park Street

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        Mainland China is not "tangra type"....the best Tangra Type outside Tangra is Pei-Ping at Park Street, next to Asiatic Society.
        You will get couple of more food joints in and arround Terrety Bazar, one of them is Euechow,
        you get Jimmy's kitchen at AJC Bose road and Theater Rd xing.
        you will get some more here and there in Ballyguange, Lansdown area