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Mar 7, 2007 11:55 AM

Thai Lime & Chili Peanuts - Trader Joe's

Yum- these are good. Just bought a 16 oz. bag for $1.99 and it's satisfying my Tom Kha craving until I can get some this weekend.

Ingredients: peanuts, thai lime leaves, chile, spicy seasoning (lemon grass, lime powder, chilie powder, sugar), salt, canola oil, rice bran oil

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  1. Personally I didn't like them at all. Tasted a few and chucked the rest.

    1. I kind of like them, but I use them in Asian/Thai cooking rather than snacking. I seem to think they a very good, yet I have a bag going stale in my pantry

      1. I bought the cashews, I think in exactly the same flavor. (In fact, at first I did a double-take at the price you mentioned, then I realized you said peanuts.) Maybe I'm wrong about the flavor, but it was close. (The bag is gone now so I can't look again for sure until I'm at the store again.) These were interesting, in a had to try them once, won't buy them again sort of way. Only used them for snacking, might have interesting uses for cooking I suppose.

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        1. re: CrazyOne

          I just bought a bag of the cashews the other day. They're good, but as in "a little goes a long way." I find myself snacking on just small portions, rather than the way I usually dig in with cashews or peanuts!

          Interesting idea about trying to incorporate these into some recipes.....Might try that.

          1. re: Neely_Ohara

            i bought the cashew bag because of one of the demonstration/tastings that they did at the store where they combined the cashews with chicken, mardarin oranges and a curry type sauce. it was really good and the nuts added the best spice to them. I have also incorporated them in some thai inspired dishes.

        2. I really like these...But I do tire of the taste after awhile..I usually don't make it through the whole bag. I usually end up tossing the bag after awhile but when I see them at TJ's sometimes I realize it's time for another go...

          1. I like them well enough, but I like the Honey Sesame ones even better.