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Corned Beef and Cabbage

With St. Pat's Day approaching, I'm wondering if any ChowHounds have interesting variations of this traditionally boiled dish.

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  1. Well that is how I prefer it. To be different, I tried baking it for the last 30 minutes or so with a spread of mustard on top but everyone preferred the original method.

      1. I love corned beef hash from the leftovers with a poached egg, but it can be so heavy. An alternative to the potatoes makes it lighter but still very satisfying - pull apart a cauliflower and soften it to a mash in chicken broth. Season with a little thyme and white pepper and use that in lieu of the spuds for your hash.

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          Having just had a wonderful cauliflower dish at a local Pakistani restaurant a couple of days ago, I am in the mood for more. Sounds like a really interesting use as a sub for spuds! Thanks

        2. I just bought a corned beef brisket. I was wondering, instead of boiling it, could I braise it the way I normally do a brisket?

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            I don't see why not - you'd just want to do it very gently, and the juice would be too salty for any table use. I was thinking of doing that myself, and then finishing it mostly drained with buttered potatoes, cabbage and carrots arranged around it in the pan.

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              I think you should blanch the corn beef first, and then your briased beef won't be too salty.
              Da Cook

          2. I make a gravy using about half buttermilk and half poaching liquid from the pot. Thicken and add a generous dollop of horseradish. This is very good on the meat and potatoes and cabbage.

            1. Mmmm, Corned Beef and Cabbage. I always braise my brisket, with the fat cap just sticking out of the broth, so it gets nice and brown. I like to put a bottle of Guinness in the broth, for color and bragging rights as much as what little taste it might contribute. It's a great place to use those underemployed root veggies like turnips and parsnips.

              1. Do you cook the potatoes and cabbage in the broth or separately? What if I am braising, not boiling, do I put the veggies in or do separately?

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                  You can do it either way. I usually braise, and just toss the veggies right in the pot, toward the end of cooking (maybe the last hour).

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                    Yeah, I do that as well. Veggies in at the end.

                    Sometimes, I make corned beef as an alternative Choucroute Garnie, i.e., with sauerkraut, carrots and potatoes. I also add the kraut and veggies after cooking the cb in that case.

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                      How long do you usually braise for?

                  2. I do it in the crockpot and steam the cabbage separately. For a sauce I mix a little sour cream with a really grainy mustard.