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Mar 7, 2007 11:30 AM

Survey: Where do you shop in Park Slope?

This may have been covered already but I can't find a thread.

Other than the Coop, which is another topic altogether, where do all the Park Slopers do their grocery shopping? Fresh produce, quality meat, etc.. Any places that have good selections of certain items while having not much else? Places with good values or stores that are worth the extra expense. Friendly staff?

I’ve been a Coop member for years so I already have an intimate knowledge of its/our advantages and shortcomings and, in the end, I also know that it will still be one of the few places in all of NYC to get local produce and sustainably raised meat. I’m just trying to get a feel for what else is out there.

Also, anybody know what’s up with the Whole Foods? Have they cleaned up the toxic spills? When is it opening?

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  1. The 5th Avenue Key Food is a great general purpose supermarket. Eagle Provisions at 5th Ave. and 18th St. has a nice selection of meats (at lower prices) and Polish products.

    1. I lived in Park Slope for many years but moved away a year ago - and definitely second the rec on the 5th Ave Key Food. Forget the one on 7th Ave, the selection is terrible unless you go first thing - but no matter when you go, the staff is always sour.

      The other place I would go to very often was D'vine Taste on 7th Ave - think it is near Carroll St? It's on the same block as the Key Food. They have a good selection of cheese, olives, nuts, spices, oil, vinegars, etc. and the prices are very reasonable. I thought the staff was always friendly and I liked going there better than Blue Apron Foods (which is on Union and 7th) which has a similar selection but is tilted towards higher end.

      And Russo's on south 7th ave (around 12th st? forgive me, apparently a year is long enough to forget everything) has terrific fresh pasta/sauce and mozzerella.

      1. I like Union Market on Union and 5th Avenue they have nice meat and produce (a little pricey though). I also shop at Back to the Land on 7th Avenue, I find certain things there cost a little bit less than Union Market and Key Food. (Stonyfield yougurt is $1.19 at Union Market & Key Food, only 99 cents at Back to the Land). I also like D'vine Taste because they have the best selection of spices in the neighborhood.

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          Isn't Union Market on 6th Avenue?

        2. all oif the above ...don't forget steve's ctown on 9th street. good selection and nice people running it. union market has a high mark-up but they have some really good meat that i think is often worth the extra $.

          1. In the Slope - definitely the 5th Avenue Key Food. Clean, fresh, good selection, including stuff from the Emerald, British, and Caribbean isles. If I'm in a pinch, I head to the Met Foods across from PS 321. I'll stay away from everything else - too crummy/expensive/twee.
            But I usually shop at Red Hook's Fairway. The dream city market.

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              My normal general stop for groceries is at Eagle Provisions - but its mostly a gap-filling source since its often on the way back from Brooklyn Chinatown, Costco and at places like Three Guys, A&S (for mozzarella) GAP Farmers Market, Sahadi,Coluccio etc. In Prospect Hts we get our normal groceries at Met.Ive recent bought espresso grind coffee at Fairway, but I cant decide whether its worth the drive and zoo-ey parking lot.
              Ive also been known to shop at Trader Joes, Costco and Chinese and Indian supermarkets in NJ but I guess those dont count.

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                I suggest staying clear of the Met Foods unless it is for something really basic or in an emergency. Over the summer I tried to buy a bunch of asparagus and an avacado. The price was just under $9.00. When I would not go through with the transaction the woman behind the counter was completely surly with me.