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Mar 7, 2007 11:12 AM

Has anybody tried this month's 25 for $25 in Seattle?

My wife and I are thinking of trying the 25 for $25 deal at a couple of places that offer it. But reading recent reviews, I've been put off by complaints about several restaurants where either the portions were too small, the servers snotty about bargain hunters, or both. It seems to me that if a restaurant wants to participate in a promotion like this, they should enter into the spirit of it, and most of them have.

Two places that got raves were Ray's Boathouse (where I've always counted on the graciousness ) and Champagne. Wild Ginger didn't fare so well. Your thoughts and experiences?

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  1. I don't do the 25 for $25 anymore. Their restaurant choices haven't changed much over the years and their rules that it has to be limited to 25 restaurants is ridiculous. The restaurants get slammed with "amateurs" during these two months and I don't feel like it's a good representation of what the restaurant can do.

    1. most restaurants feel that they have to participate in order to survive the month. i don't support 25 for $25 either for all the reasons Lauren said. Restaurants are forced to cut corners, make massive amounts of food not usually on their menus, cooks and servers are pushed to the limit to serve as many people possible to make up for the lower $ per head. Plus, you can get an awesome meal for $25 in the I.D. without having to skimp.
      and by "Champagne", I assume you mean the French restaurant, Campagne?

      1. I tried Six Seven with a group of friends last night. It was disappointing (and my expectations are already lowered accordingly for 25/25). First of all, they were understaffed. We waited about 20 minutes past our reservation time to get seated, even though the table was empty the entire time. Once we were seated, it took a very long time for our order to get taken. Our server seemed to be the only one working the entire restaurant. She was running around doing everything, and I think that she did a great job considering the task at hand. I truly hope that someone had called in sick, and that they don't normally understaff that severely -- it was ridiculous. It seems to me that the manager should have stepped up and done a little more than clear plates...

        As far as the food goes, they weren't serving the same menu that was posted online, so a few of us ended up ordering off of the regular menu. The 25/25 options sounded nice, with 3 choices for each course. Unfortunately, there were problems with seasoning in a couple of dishes, and the pasta dish (tortellini) was really undercooked and hard. I would say that the marscapone panna cotta with pineapple was delicious.

        The only restaurant that I'd recommend for 25/25 is Zoe, where the food and service are both outstanding. No second-class treatment.

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          We consider ourselves foodies, but had never had a chance to try Six Seven, so we gave it a taste for 25/25. We all very much enjoyed our food, and were well attended to. Sunday night was the key; the place was relatively empty, so there were no rush concerns. The online menu matched the menu we were offered.

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            Yeah, I've always heard good things, so I was pretty surprised that our experience was so bad.

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