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Mar 7, 2007 10:51 AM

Bardia's New Orleans Cafe

While I am technically a New York 'Hound, I find myself down in your fair city at least once a month. Though I have had many dining experiences in DC, I felt compelled to post about the aforementioned Bardia's (twice visited).

It is a charming little spot right on 18th Street NW in Adam's Morgan, and the food is delicious (however, I have had a hard time ordering anything other than the seafood gumbo. Add a few dashes of green tabasco and it's TO DIE FOR.) Other dishes I have had the pleasure of tasting were the popcorn shrimp (some of the best I've ever had), andouille jambalaya and the crawfish creole. At the end of the meal, they serve complimentary, homemade beignets!

The owner, Bardia makes you feel right at home. The second time I dined at this establishment (at least a month after I had visited the first time), he remembered me fondly (and even remembered that I was from New York!).

Highly recommend this place for delicious and VERY reasonably priced Creole food.

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  1. It's a very odd place- I love it because I love anything having to do with NOLA, but there are times I go there and it's incredible and times I go there when it's just totally terrible. The Beignets alone will make it worth your while to go though.

      1. i went there almost exactly a year ago, right after i got back from volunteering in new orleans for a week. i found the food to be very bland and boring. i had the jambalaya and the gumbo and both were just lame. the food in NOLA was very spicy and rich and flavorful but the jambalaya seemed more like rice with a little meat, and the gumbo was very watery and bland as well. my friend's bread pudding was awful, and the service was awfully slow.

        but i'd be willing to give them another try if i see a few more good reviews here - because like yourself, i'm pretty much in love with everything NOLA. :)

        1. I love this restaurant. It's in my neighborhood and it's one of my favorite neighborhood spots. Is the food the most amazing cajun cuisine in the world? No. But it is good and it most definitly hits the spot when you are looking for some good ol NOLA food.

          The owner, Bardia, makes the spot! He is exstremly friendly and most of the time I dine there by myself so he keeps me company. I work for an organization that was deeply affected by Hurricane Katrina and through all the tough times I spent many meals at Bardia knowing that even though I couldn't be in NOLA with my friends, I could at least get a little taste of a place I love so much by eating their etouffe and sipping their (real) Cafe Du Mond coffee.

          And in the summer it is an EXCELLENT date spot. Sit in the front window, order some beer and listen to the Frank Sinatra music playing in the background.