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Mar 7, 2007 10:41 AM

Long Beach Graduation

Myself, my 24 or so classmates, and our guests want to have a post-grad school celebration in Long Beach upon our graduation in May. Any suggestions? I think the ceremony is in the middle of the afternoon in the middle of the day. We are at CSULB, but I don't think a reasonable drive would be opposed to (considering that there is not a whole hell of a lot around campus) - thanks!

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  1. I graduated in 2002 from CSULB and the ceremony ended at 1p.m, and to keep it REAL we went with a large group to Harbor House in Sunset Beach and drank beer's and ate omelets. Thats how we rolled, maybe not your style.

    1. Frenchy's on Anaheim has a back room for large groups. As Does Joe Josts' - Totally opposite ends of the spectrum.
      There's also George's Greek (He's a CSULB supporter), Kings Fish house, Ambrosia, Belmont Brewery, creperie.... the restaurant at Long Beach Museum of Art..

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        George's Greek is one of my favorites. Great food and service. It's not very big though so you may want to call ahead

      2. Kamal Palace might be workable, if they do a family/buffet-style meal.

        1. Though the food is okay, La Opera on Pine St is a very nice setting with a great wine list.

          1. It should be nice that time of year.

            Schooner or Later in the Marina.

            Belmont Brewing Company

            Back patio at LG's on Broadway

            Front patio at Curley's (Divey but very good food) Cherry and Willow