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Mar 7, 2007 10:40 AM

Costco Consession Stand

SO has never eatten anything from the Costco Consession Stand, so we're biking down there this weekend for his first Costco Dog! :) I was wondering though, what other gems do they have? Is one variety of pizza better than the other? What about the desserts?


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  1. The berry smoothie is good. Love the Costco Dog and sausage. I am jealous. Where I live now there is only Sam's club but I lived off Costco Dogs and The works pizza in high school. Can't beat the price.

    1. Love their churros! And Polish dogs. And pizza. Basically everything there.

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      1. re: kcchan

        Definitely second the polish. Easily my favorite.

      2. Their Supreme slice of pizza is huge and very hearty.

        1. Churros!

          And, Dommy, which Costco are you going to? If it's the one in Alhambra, make sure to bike to Fosselman's for some ice cream ... goes really well with the warm churros from Costco.

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          1. re: ipsedixit

            We're going to the one in Venice, at the end of Washington and Lincoln. Thanks about the tip re: the churros, maybe instead of Fosselman's, we can hit up Massimo's for his Gelato! :)


          2. my SO tried the Chicken bake last weekend - it was "pretty good for the price" but I had the Hot Dog myself. I do prefer BJ's hot dogs 'cause they serve Bests Kosher Dogs - SOO GOOD.