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Costco Consession Stand

SO has never eatten anything from the Costco Consession Stand, so we're biking down there this weekend for his first Costco Dog! :) I was wondering though, what other gems do they have? Is one variety of pizza better than the other? What about the desserts?


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  1. The berry smoothie is good. Love the Costco Dog and sausage. I am jealous. Where I live now there is only Sam's club but I lived off Costco Dogs and The works pizza in high school. Can't beat the price.

    1. Love their churros! And Polish dogs. And pizza. Basically everything there.

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        Definitely second the polish. Easily my favorite.

      2. Their Supreme slice of pizza is huge and very hearty.

        1. Churros!

          And, Dommy, which Costco are you going to? If it's the one in Alhambra, make sure to bike to Fosselman's for some ice cream ... goes really well with the warm churros from Costco.

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            We're going to the one in Venice, at the end of Washington and Lincoln. Thanks about the tip re: the churros, maybe instead of Fosselman's, we can hit up Massimo's for his Gelato! :)


          2. my SO tried the Chicken bake last weekend - it was "pretty good for the price" but I had the Hot Dog myself. I do prefer BJ's hot dogs 'cause they serve Bests Kosher Dogs - SOO GOOD.

            1. The Churro. Get two. Trust me.

              1. The pizza is greasy and not very good.

                But the Hot Dogs are absolutely the most tasteless on the market. Would strongly agree that the Bests Kosher Dogs from BJs are the best on the market.

                The one item that is really great are the chocolate dipped ice cream bars.

                1. The soft pretzels are awesome!!

                  1. I like the pepperoni pizza and DH always has a hot dog and a pina colada smoothy at our Costco in Morelia.

                    1. re: churros...it's funny--Joss Whedon is doing Season 8 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in comics form, and in the first issue, our heroine (in Scotland with the rest of the Scoobies for reasons not yet clear) is having a wistful inner monologue about the things she misses from back home, and the churros were number two, IIRC. (not necessarily churros from Costco, mind you, but knowing her, probably.)

                      1. Hot dog is ok, but kinda bland. Polish Dog is better cause of the mild spicing. The only occasional problem has been that they are sometimes not heated up enough. My lads used to like the Cheese Pizza, always looked and smelled gross to me so I never tried it. Even they are tired of the pizza now. The smoothies are gross as well, very artificial taste. The Ice Cream Bars dipped in chocolate and rolled in nuts are heavenly! You've been to Massimo's so I would rec the bar at Costco since you're already there!

                        1. The berry sundae, ff vanilla frozen yogurt layered with frozen berries. Big enough to share.

                          We also enjoy the churros.

                          My dh likes the chicken bake.

                          1. About the only thing I don't care for there is the frozen yogurt on its own (I haven't tried it with the berries though.) I also find that if you order the whole pizza, the leftovers don't tend to keep very well. Mostly I stick to the hot dogs, with an occasional slice of pizza (I like the pizza at Sam's Club better though.) The churros are quite good also.

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                              I didn't know Sams also had a concession stand... I may have to a battle as the Industry has both basically across the freeway from each other.. LOL! :D


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                                I will say that the hot dogs at Sam's aren't anywhere near as good in my opinion, but I think the pizza there (at least the one I go to) has a much better crust, which is why I prefer it over the Costco pizza. They also have actual ice cream and ICEEs, and caffeine free Diet Coke in the soda fountain (which is nice since I'm trying to avoid caffeine.)

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                                  There's a Costco and a Sam's Club practically next door to each other in Torrance on Skypark just north of the Torrance Airport. Try them both and compare.

                              2. My dad always, always buys Costco pizza. He loves it. He also always buys the cooked rotiesserie chicken, from within the store, near the deli platters and salads. I think I've eaten both at least once a month, for the last decade. :)

                                1. I used to live for the chicken bake until i really started feeling guilty about the unhealthiness of it. my ex-roomie and i used to split one after work sometimes. a co-worker got me into their mocha smoothie things, and it's really wrong, but strangely addicting. i couldn't stand the pretzels, and don't see how people could love the pizza so much, but I'm picky like that.

                                  i grew up on that hot dog combo. it's good when i REALLY want one, but nah.

                                  1. Thanks to everyone who recommended the churros!
                                    We went to Costco on Friday night, and I stood in line for ten minutes to get my hands on those babies. I gotta tell you, it was the best hunk of cinnamon-sugar coated fried dough I've ever had in my life. And just a buck! It was worth the wait. Besides, I got to listen to all the angry people around me yelling at the folks behind the counter. I was amused.
                                    Get the churros!!! I don't think I can go to Costco again and pass them by. Addiction!

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                                      Thank you for the OP & follow-up!!!

                                      I've been going to Costco steadily since I hit middle-age & have NEVER had their churro (never been inclined, I usu get hot dogs). I'll now have to try one. =D

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                                        Eat the churros with the frozen yogurt ... great, great combo!

                                    2. I always get the Chicken Bake and some deli mustard to dip it in.....awesomeness....only get the dogs if they have kraut. can't eat em w/o it.

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                                        They always have kraut behind the counter, you just have to ask for it.

                                      2. I think the square pizza they sell in the store is better and you can't beat the price. The thing is huge and they're $7.99. I agree that the hot dogs are kind of bland, in California I always bought the polish, unfortunately they don't sell the polish on the east coast. I opt for the italian sausage with grilled peppers and onions, Very Good!

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                                          The Costcos here in Tampa sell Polish sausages. They were pretty bland, though, hard to distinguish from a regular hot dog. An Italian sausage would have been much better.

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                                            Your Costco has grilled peppers and onions for their dogs/sausages?

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                                              Yes, they only offer them on the Italian Sausage, but if you get a good sales clerk they will put them on the regular dogs......my favorite! Took the kids and SO yesterday we had dogs and a chicken bake .......which are only good if you watch them come out of the oven....after they sit for any length of time they tend to dry up. One of the best bargains...for $1.50 the frozen yogurt the kids were in heaven. The dove bars are another deal....my daughter doesn't like chocolate so she had hers undipped. Personally I think anyone who dosen't like chocolate has a serious problem but she was happy and that's a good thing. If anyone knows of a cheaper lunch source, I want to hear about it!!!!

                                          2. I go to Costco and Sam's twice a week, every week, year around.
                                            The consession stands are completely different. Below are my suggestions:
                                            Polish Dog - Sam's
                                            Ice Cream Bar- Costco
                                            Chicken Bake- Costco
                                            Hot Dog- Costco (because of the Spicy Mustard)
                                            Pizza- Costco
                                            Churro's- Sam's
                                            Have a nice time~!!!!!!!!!!!! We always have lunch at Costco when we arrive in Maui, then fresh fish the rest of the week.

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                                              I liek those haagan daz bars at Sams.

                                              1. re: Xericx

                                                I think the Sam's bars are Dove?
                                                What really gets my attention is the Toasted Almonds on Costco's Bar.

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                                                  i think the one I went to had Hagan Daaz....chocolate covered strawberry...maybe mistaken......yeah..the dipped costco bars are great and the ice cream is very creamy.

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                                                    I'm only talking about the vanilla DIPPED ones at Sam's.

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                                                    I actually think the ice cream bars at the Sam's Club where I live are branded as Godiva, although I haven't tried one.

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                                                  Polish Dog - Always get Costco's and spicy mustard is a must!
                                                  Ice Cream Bar- Costco's hand dipped and rolled in almonds from heaven!
                                                  Chicken Bake- Can't bring myself to try it, looks gross!
                                                  Hot Dog- Costco but only when I get one by mistake after ordering the Polish!
                                                  Pizza- Costco for my lads but even they have tired of it, Vito's is their current fave, again!
                                                  Churro's- Sam's one of my lads had one today and pronounced it equal to Costco's but different, and better than Vallarta Markets!

                                                3. my husband & I always split a chicken bake & hot dog. delicious.

                                                  1. After sitting in the dentist's chair for an hour, all I could think about are the Costco churros mentioned in this thread and how I never had one. So I the one mile beeline to Costco, and stood in the concession line, numb mouth and all

                                                    I thought about ipsedixit's recommendation to order the churro w/the frozen yogurt, but I didn't want to dribble the yogurt, so I ordered the churro and the huge polish dog that was calling my name from the menuboard.

                                                    It's funny how being anesthethized somewhat impairs the tastebuds; I'll have to try the churro again, b/c I didn't taste it fully. The polish dog, however was superb! I'm guessing that I was able to taste the dog partially from memory...and maybe b/c the savoury is a more prominent taste feature than the sweetness of the churro.

                                                    Next time, churro w/frozen yogurt!

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                                                      I have been obsessed with the churros since I got my first one.
                                                      I can't wait until we need to go back to Costco again.