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Mar 7, 2007 10:36 AM

Kosher Barbeque

There was an article in today's NYTimes Food and Wine section discussing NY's (nonkosher) barbeque offerings ( Begs the question, are there kosher barbeque joints anywhere, NY or otherwise?

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  1. The chain that comes to mind when you say Kosher BBQ is Dougie's. They have locations in Bklyn, Queens, Teaneck (NJ), Deal (NJ) and Cedarhurst (LI). Their products are also available in Cleveland, Ohio as take out but I don't think that they are made there.

    1. I know Dougie's well. I'm talking not about slathering BBQ sauce on things (which they admittedly do addictingly well), but slow cooking over a low fire.

      1. Other than Dougie's - you might find some form of barbecue at some of the steak houses like Prime Grill -

        This reminded me of the one time fundraising effort done by The Yeshiva of the Midsouth - where one of the local traif Barbecue restaurants (owned by a member of the Memphis jewish community) bought a new smoker and before it was put into service for the restaurant it was used to make real kosher barbecue - smoking both beef ribs and brisket - not THAT was barbecue - out of this world -

        1. Dougie's is good but it is not BBQ. They just put BBQ sauce on a lot of their meats.

          1. Well, I do it out here in LA, somewhat informally (small catering jobs, under 35 people, out of my kitchen and outdoor smoker- so no official hechsher yet). But out your direction, there's a new place in Teaneck yet to open called Smokey Joe's. When it opens, tell me what you think. Maybe I'll head back east to check it out. By the way, I know the name and the city, but I've yet to see any information about it, even on the web.

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            1. Smokey Joe's Tex-Mex- at 496 Cedar Lane

              1. Smokey Joe's website complete with their menu can be found at:

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                  the menu looks pretty good - now only need reviews of their barbecue -

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                    I worry about extensive menus like that. It's not a BBQ joint, it a restaurant which has a couple of BBQ items. With the concentration on other menu items, I'd be interested in seeing how the Q actually turns out. Why is it that every restaurant thinks that more is better? By paring down the items to a bare minimum, one can concentrate on making everything well. And not even smoked chicken?

                    1. re: ganeden

                      Craig, I think your influence extends to the East Coast. Smokey Joe's menu has been modified - no more steak or under-a-brick chicken but smoked chicken has been added.

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                        Well, that's good. I'm glad I've influenced someone in my life. I hope they do good Q instead of fluff. There are always problems trying to be everything to everyone.

                        1. re: ganeden

                          Here this problem often manifests itself by the appearance of sushi on the menu of every kosher restaurant.

                  2. re: ganeden

                    When I lived in the Bay Area, I learned that what Californians call barbeque usually means meat cooked outside over gas, wood or charcoal without any "que" sauce involved at any point.