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Mar 7, 2007 10:32 AM

Help! Suggestions for St. Pat's Potluck

Hi everybody, can someone give me an idea(s) for a St. Patrick's Day potluck we're having here in the office on the 15th? It should be for about 15-20 people, EASY and CHEAP.
Someone here suggested Thai Chicken Salad(!) but I can't convince myself to bring Thai to a St. Pat's Day potluck!!!! : P And I'm sure other people will be bringing those decorated cookies and cupcakes, so I'd rather it not be a dessert.
Thanks in a advance, everyone!

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  1. Here's an easy recipe for a traditional Irish fruit bread called Spotted Dog. There are lots of other St. Pat's recipe ideas on the same website.

    1. Bring colcannon (mashed potatoes with cabbage) - it's tasty, easy to make ahead and fits your theme.

      1. If you really wanted to do something cool, you could bring Irish stew, a lamb/vegetable braize that is about as traditional as you get.

        - Sean

        1. agree with colcannon but i use kale instead of cabbage.boil the kale with some bay leaf and chicken stock, drain then saute onion garlic. mix in with your mashed potatoes and yum!

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            Or champ which is basically mashed potatoes with lots of scallions, but really good...or shepard's pie? That's pretty cheap but maybe too labor intensive?