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Mar 7, 2007 10:32 AM

Burgers & Cupcakes

There are two locations that have nothing to do with each other?
Which is better? I was plannning on going to the one on 23rd Street tomorrow night.
Can anyone recommend?

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  1. We've been to the B&C on 9th Avenue (and wrote about it when it opened). The two restaurants are in fact connected and have pretty much the same menu. I'm partial to the salmon burger with avocado, but the ostrich burger isn't bad either.



    1. Blech! I just had a cupcake form Burgers & Cupcakes on 23rd and it is not good. First, it tastes much more like a muffin than a cupcake. I'm also vehemently against icing that is too sugary sweet and that's precisely what this was. If you want a cupcake go to Sugar Sweet Sunshine on the Lower East Side and get either pistachio, lemon, or pumpkin. Heav-en.

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        I haven't heard many good things about B&C. But if you do go, let us know what you thought! If you decide against going, let us know as well and we can help you find another spot...

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          I used to like the cupcakes at the other branch, but the last couple of visits, the cupcakes seem to have taken a nosedive. The burger wasn't up to snuff either. One of my favorite places going downhill.

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            I, too, was disappointed by the cupcakes the one time I tried them.

          2. crumbs is starting to be my new fave for cupcakes.

            1. Nope, not related, I got that directly from mitchell london at the 9th ave locale . I think I read that they were in a law suit over the name. Anyway, I've always loved their cheeseburgers, (on 9th ave). Never been to 23rd St.

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                Wrong. Billy Liederman helped open both. His partner in each opening was different.

              2. i've given the 23rd street location a couple chances for redemption, but no luck.
                the cupcakes are not good. they remind me of those prepackaged cupcakes that you'd buy at gristedes. you're much better off walking to billy's bakery on 9th and 21st for a far superior cupcake.
                the burgers have been overcooked everytime, and they taste like they are mass produced frozen patties.
                my favorite thing about the burgers and cupcakes is the giant pink cupcake rotating outside.

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                1. re: lilnugget

                  Well said. Overcooked burger, mediocre cupcake, weird decor.