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Mar 7, 2007 10:21 AM

I Trulli- reviews?

I'm hoping to take my girlfriend there but I want to be sure before we go, anyone been there recently? Is it any good? Reccommendations for what to order? where to sit?

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  1. I went last week and it was lovely. I met my friend in the great bar where I ordered a flight of wine, the Super Tuscans, and it was great. We were seeted right by the fireplace which was nice, but got a bit hot. The bread was great and I loved my salad with artichoke hearts and my pasta dish with seafood. Very good and fresh. My friend loved the octapus. I found it a bit salty and seemed very happy with her fish, talapia. The service was very nice and low key too. I would recomend it.

    1. Decent but overpriced food, hit or miss wines, awful service, charming rooms (all of them including both patios). I've eaten here about seven times mostly out of convenience (I live literally a stone's throw away). I'd go there more often if I thought it was worth it.

      I'd rather go to Da Ciro on Lex. and 34th for food and service for Italian in the Murray Hill/Gramercy area.

      1. I agree with DKStar1. It is overpriced and not impressive on the food or service front. In the same area I would reccomend Novita. Outstading food and service. Get the bottle of Nickle and Nickle Dragonfly

        1. It's inconsistent. The food can be anywhere from average and ordinary to great. The wine list is great, but overpriced. The service is usually quite lousy. If they got it together, this could be a destination restaurant, but it seems to have tottered in mediocrity for years now.

          1. Ok so far I have one pro comment and 3 that well aren't so good. I'm looking for a restaurant to take my girlfriend after wandering manhattan for the day. It's sort of an informal part of my gift to her in celebration of our anniversary. I was some place that could be seen as possibly romantic, but it doesn't need to be, some place that is comfortable with good food, possibly with a fire place. It doesn't have to be italian but it can't be french (nothing against french people or food, I love it, I just know she isn't into french cuisine). So yea, if I Trulli isn't the place to go, then where?