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I Trulli- reviews?

I'm hoping to take my girlfriend there but I want to be sure before we go, anyone been there recently? Is it any good? Reccommendations for what to order? where to sit?

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  1. I went last week and it was lovely. I met my friend in the great bar where I ordered a flight of wine, the Super Tuscans, and it was great. We were seeted right by the fireplace which was nice, but got a bit hot. The bread was great and I loved my salad with artichoke hearts and my pasta dish with seafood. Very good and fresh. My friend loved the octapus. I found it a bit salty and seemed very happy with her fish, talapia. The service was very nice and low key too. I would recomend it.

    1. Decent but overpriced food, hit or miss wines, awful service, charming rooms (all of them including both patios). I've eaten here about seven times mostly out of convenience (I live literally a stone's throw away). I'd go there more often if I thought it was worth it.

      I'd rather go to Da Ciro on Lex. and 34th for food and service for Italian in the Murray Hill/Gramercy area.

      1. I agree with DKStar1. It is overpriced and not impressive on the food or service front. In the same area I would reccomend Novita. Outstading food and service. Get the bottle of Nickle and Nickle Dragonfly

        1. It's inconsistent. The food can be anywhere from average and ordinary to great. The wine list is great, but overpriced. The service is usually quite lousy. If they got it together, this could be a destination restaurant, but it seems to have tottered in mediocrity for years now.

          1. Ok so far I have one pro comment and 3 that well aren't so good. I'm looking for a restaurant to take my girlfriend after wandering manhattan for the day. It's sort of an informal part of my gift to her in celebration of our anniversary. I was some place that could be seen as possibly romantic, but it doesn't need to be, some place that is comfortable with good food, possibly with a fire place. It doesn't have to be italian but it can't be french (nothing against french people or food, I love it, I just know she isn't into french cuisine). So yea, if I Trulli isn't the place to go, then where?

              1. Yes! Tuscan restaurants are definitly good, but pizza is not necessary (she's allergic to tomatoes) please keep giving recs if you have them, it doesn't have to be Tuscan as long as it's good.

                1. Getting away from Italian, I would recommend Urena, on 28th St., b/t Park Av. S. & Madison. There is some Spanish influence, particularly in the tapas section of the menu. But for the most part, Alex Urena is creating superb cuisine with an interesting and delicious mix of flavors. His wife oversees the front of the house, and she and the staff provide friendly, capable service. Early problems with the lighting have been addressed, so that now the space, with its attractive decor and very comfortable seating, has a romantic feel. The menu on their website is not up-to-date, but it will give you a good idea of the kind of cuisine that is being served.


                  Happy Anniversary and Bon Appetit!

                  1. I Coppi is indeed a good choice for romantic italian! But just be aware that their service tends to be slow at dinner time (particular when it is busy). Another Italian restaurant that I would consider as romantic may be Giorgio's of Gramercy. I found service to be slightly better than I Coppi, but it is sometimes inconsistent (in my experience only, as most Hounds like this place).

                    For a more American fare, the Waverley Inn should be quite fine.

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                      From what I've read, just plain folks do not have a very easy time getting a table the Waverly Inn.

                    2. Hmmmmmm apparently I Trulli isn't the best, Waverly Inn probably won't let me in, I Coppi is sort of what I'm looking for, and Urena, I don't know, just doesn't work for me, I don't know why. I know I'm probably frustrating all of you because I'm so picky, but please, keep giving me reccomendations, if I'm just not seeing the wonder of I Coppi or Urena, show me why, if you have other ideas, please share. I appologize for being so impossible to work with.

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                        No need to apologize. You have every right to be picky. It would be helpful to know what it is about Urena that doesn't appeal to you. Is it the cuisine? If I Coppi is "sort of" what you're looking for, why are you hesitating about it?

                        Perhaps I should add that I've been to I Coppi once. We went a couple of summers ago specifically because they have a back garden, which was lovely. There was nobody sitting indoors, but we had to walk through the restaurant to get to the garden, and I thought the interior looked pleasant. The food was fine though I wouldn't rave about it. To me, I Coppi is definitely more about the garden. But since there are places with equally lovely gardens that have food that is, in my view, more delicious, I've not been inclined to go back there. So, now that I've probably turned you completely off I Coppi.... lol

                      2. Yes I think it's probably the cuisine of Urena. I know that the cuisine isn't that exotic or anything, it just doesn't appeal, not really sure why. And as for I Coppi, it's definitly more of the sort of restaurant I'm looking for, I'm really not sure why I said "sort of" because I Coppi and I Trulli have been the closest things yet, but apparently neither of which that good. Giorgio's is starting to look like a possibility, but I definitly like the look of I Trulli and I Coppi more, it just gives a better example of the atmosphere I'm looking for I think.

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                          I think the atmosphere at Giorgio's is quite different from I Trulli's. I think of I Trulli as rather rustic, while Giorgio's decor is pretty and sort of fancy without being frou frou. The one dinner we had at Giorgio's was nice. The food was well-prepared and quite tasty, but nothing like the wow! experiences the two times we've been to Urena's. (I don't mean to push Urena's, but I'm just sayin'....)

                          If you like French, you could consider Park Bistro, which serves modern French cuisine. Stylish decor and a wonderful Paris-bistro feel. Or Gascogne, which specializes in the cuisine of that eponymous region of France. Small, cozy, charming, and romantic.

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                            I don't really want a bistro type feel, we're hopefully going to Tia Pol for lunch, I want a more solid sit down meal. Gascogne could work though.

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                              Gascogne also has a bistro feel though an entirely different one than Park Bistro's.

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                                  How about Fleur de Sel? Delicious modern French cuisine. Excellent wine list. Small, cozy space with attractive contemporary decor and romantic ambiance. The best table, in my view, is the two-top in front of the window.


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                                    Hi RGR, I think hungry_fox mentioned above that his girlfriend is not into french food, so may be we should focus on Italian?

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                                      I had completely forgotten about that. However, when I suggested Gascogne, hungry_fox did consider it briefly without mentioning again his g.f.'s aversion to French food. But you're probably right, so I'll put my thinking cap back on....

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                                        I've been looking at fleur de sel, truth be told i like the look of their lunch menu far better than their dinner menu, if anything I think they should switch the two.

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                                          I hadn't looked at the two menu in a while, but I always thought there was quite a bit of overlap, i.e., same dishes, at lunch and dinner.

                                          I just compared the two menus. In the appetizer category, 7 of the 9 are exactly the same, and one changes the bass tartare at lunch for ahi tuna at dinner, but with the same accompaniments. Of the main courses, again, 7 are the same.

                                          The dessert menu is the same for both.

                                          The biggest difference is in the price structure. At lunch, the menu is a la carte, while at dinner, it's a 3-course prix-fixe @$76.

                                          Then, of course, there is the issue of the different tasting menus. I haven't examined those. But I just noted that there has been a price increase for all of them: 3-course lunch prix-fixe was $25, now $29; 4-course lunch prix-fixe was $42, now $46; and 6-course dinner tasting was $85, now $96.

                        2. There;s a little Sardinian place on East 4th Street (near 1st) called Assenzio that has a romantic fireplace, great food, good service and reasonable prices. I know that's not near where I Trulli i,s located, but I think it's worth the walk (or the cab ride).

                          1. Location is not a problem. What is the menu like at Assenzio, I can't find any real info about it.

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                              I'm not familiar with Assenzio, but there's a menu on Menupages. It say's "Take Out," but one would presume it's what they serve in house.


                            2. What about Cento Vini?

                              1. Just putting it out there cause I saw it on another post and it didn't look bad. What about Becco? From what I saw it doesn't look terrible, maybe a bit more low key than what everyone- including myself have been suggesting, but still, yes? no? better ideas?

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                                  Becco is anything but low-key! In fact, the noise level was so insanely high the last time we were there -- and it will be the *last* time -- that we could not have a conversation at our table without shouting. Another negative is that they jam as many tables as they can into every inch of space in all the rooms, so you're practically elbowing the people at the adjacent tables. Even the servers have trouble getting by. Hardly romantic. Finally, I found the ayce pasta selections very disappointing. Becco does have its fans. As you can tell, I'm definitely not one of them.

                                  I don't think anyone has mentioned L'Impero. Delicious food (the polenta with wild mushrooms is to die for!) and an attractive dining room with low-key, romantic ambiance. A little on the upscale side but worth it.


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                                    Looks pretty good, granted there're two items on the menu that I don't even know what they are, but it looks good. Anyone else been there?

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                                      Which two? (I can make a guess which items they might be, but I'd rather not.)

                                      You ask if anyone else has been there? http://www.chowhound.com/search?item_...

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                                        I was commenting on L'impero, and yea, i should probably start checking for stuff on my own otherwise it'll seem like I'm lazy.

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                                          l'impero is a pretty good restaurant. almost serene.

                                2. Again, another random idea, what of Hearth? I saw it on one of RGR's other posts, the menu looks a bit small in regards to the main course, but it also looks good and from the few pictures on the website I like the general look of it. I know there're many postings about it, most of which saying good things; I'm asking on here because in the context of what people have been suggesting so far, I want to know if it makes sense.

                                  Also please note that just because I keep throwing in random ideas, I'm shooting down all the possibilities people are mentioning, I just want as many options as possible.