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Mar 7, 2007 10:08 AM

First time with limited time

Hello all, this is my first post.
I am going to be in NYC from March 20-23rd, staying at the Radisson Martinique on Broadway. I don't know the area, being from Chicago, but I heard it's right by Macy's and Penn Station. I was wondering if anyone could give me some yay's or nays on some of the places i'm going to.
I'll probably go to Kun Jip for late night eating since it's close by. Someone suggested Forte Baden Baden for the chicken since that is also close to the hotel.

-Yay or Nay for Momofuku Ssam Bar?
-il laboratorio del gelato for the licorice gelato. luv black licorice!
#1 dumpling. Someone suggested the tuna sandwich which I find very odd. any suggestions for soup dumplings? Joe's Shanghai? New Green Bo?
-Una Pizza Napoletana. Yay or Nay? I heard there's serious attitude problems here at times.
-Katz's or Carnegie Deli? Is Carnegie deli a touristy destination? I don't see it mentioned much here.
If anyone can suggest anything else within the manhattan area(especially a traditional NY slice....lombardi's? is that what would constitute a typical NYC pizza?), I would be ever so grateful! I don't have much time to go to too many places since I don't think I'll have very much free time. If any of these are not worth going to, please let me know, it would be a HUGE help.

Thanks in advance to everyone

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  1. Definitely yay on Momofuku Ssam Bar

    1. Just a heads up on the licorice gelato - they may not have it when you go - they rotate the flavors. That said, even the vanilla and chocolate are worth the trip IMHO.

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      1. Yes, your hotel is at B'way & 32nd St. Macy's is on 34th and Penn Station is on 33rd.

        The area known as "Little Korea" is right there. I like Kang Suh, which is on the corner of corner of B'way & 32nd (entrance on 32nd). Open 24/7.

        Yes! to Il Laboratorio del Gelato. But they rotate selections, so it's best to call and check to see if your favorite flavor is being offered the day you go there.

        I like the soup dumplings at Joe's Shanghai. I've been to the Chinatown location, not the one midtown.

        Definitely Katz's! There are tourists there, but that doesn't bother us natives. We're there for the killer pastrami. Hold onto the ticket you get when you enter. Do counter service. Put $1 or $2 in the counterman's cup. He'll give you a piece to taste. It should have some fat and be juicy. If you agree, he'll make you a gigantic sandwich and give you a plate of pickles. He'll punch your ticket. Move to your left to get sides and drinks. Find a seat at one of the center tables. (The ones along the side are for table service.) On the way out, surrender your ticket and pay. Cash only.

        Enjoy your brief stay in NYC and Bon Appetit!

        Edited to add: Didn't see other posts with similar opinions before mine went up.

        1. Everything you suggest is a yay in my book. Please!! No Carnegie Deli. Must go to Katz's.

          Pizza is a huge debate on this board. Their are pizza places that you go to for "slices" and others are better known for their "whole pies". I tend to go to whatever is closest to my apartment which is Angelo's for a pie and Ultimate Pizza or John and Tony's for a slice (actually their whole pies are great too). These places are not the best, but are good none the less. UNA or Lombardi's for a pie would be my vote and something like Little Italy pizzzeria for a slice, which is sort of in your area.

          Both NGB and Joe's are equally good in my book for Soup Dumplings.

          I would suggest making the trip to the Time Warner building for a lunch or sweet stop at Bouchon Bakery.

          1. No Carnegie it. Some of the flavors of gelato are intriguing. Honey Lavender? Mexican Cinnamon Basil? Cheddar Cheese??? Ugh, I just don't have enough time to explore!

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              Yes - the cheddar cheese one just calls out to be served with apple pie - enjoy!

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                Oh, the gelato there is really fantastic stuff. Beware though, that Laboratorio closes at 6. It'll have to be an early-ish stop for you. My favorites are the fresh mint (so perfectly minty) and dark chocolate. Oh, and toasted sesame and toasted almond (not together). You can combine scoops of two different flavors, even in a small cup, to maximize exploration given your time constraints.

                It is not unreasonable to get a gelato, then walk over to Saigon Banh Mi, for a spicy classic pork banh mi, one of my absolute favorite foods in Manhattan. It is unreasonable to follow a trip to Katz's with gelato (which is a shame given its proximity), as it is unreasonable to imagine eating anything at all following a trip to Katz's.