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Appetizer Crawl! Who has the best starters?

Dining on appetizers at a series of locations is a great way to spend an evening out with friends. Where do you recommend to begin and end a tasty appetizer crawl in Beantown?

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  1. Can you specify neighborhoods you'd like to hit/avoid?

    1. Any series of Boston restaurants that are located in the same sort of region (walking distance/short T/cab ride away.) Example: 3 restaurants from the North End or 4 restaurants from Cambridge. Thanks!

      1. The South End could be fun - 28 Degrees, Sibling Rivalry, and Tremont 647 are all relatively close to one another and have good appetizer options as well as good cocktailing.

        1. A few places that have some of my favorite apps are:

          --Orinoco, South End: domino arepa (tortilla with beans and white cheese)
          --Costello's, Jamaica Plain: chili cheese fries
          --Cambridge Common, Cambridge: boneless buffalo wings
          --Cafe Polonia, South Boston: wild mushroom soup with sour cream
          --Cronin's, Quincy: cajun chicken soup

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            Were you making that as big a crawl as possible?

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              Uhhh, I......I don't know what I was thinking, actually. Maybe the OP could choose one of them as part of a crawl. At least I gave him many widely-scattered areas from which to choose! ;-b

          2. Within easy walking distance of each other on Washington St in the South End:

            Red Fez
            Union Bar and Grill
            Pho Republique
            And, depending when you do it, the new Sage location may be open.

            1. In the South End I would do oysters at B&G, steak tartare at Butcher Shop, mashed potato/tenderloin pizza at Mistral and end with the chocolate calzone at Picco (though it may not be on the current menu).

              1. Lots of possibilities within walking distance in the South End. You could start with a glass of wine and split a few cheeses/charcuterie at The Butcher Shop, then go across the street and enjoy some oysters and some of the best clam chowder you've ever had at B&G Oyster(plenty of other salads and appetizers to split as well). From there you could walk to Oishi on Washington Street for some great sushi and then walk down Washington to Toro which is the perfect place to split small portions. I would recommend the corn and the raw tuna w/ kumquats and mushrooms as must-try dishes @ Toro. My tour isn't cheap and Obviously you'll have better luck walking in and getting real estate at the bar on Wed thru Sun at all of these places. Enjoy.

                1. I meant Sunday thru Wed!!!!

                  1. Cambridge - Harvard Sq.
                    Tamarind Bay
                    Upstairs on the Square

                    1. Within easy walking distance:
                      Silvertones - Goat Cheese Crostini
                      Neptune Oyster - Raw Bar
                      Eclano's - Rabbit Sausage
                      Antico Forno - Pizza with shrimp and smoked mozzarella
                      Cafe Paradiso - Expresso Martinis !!!

                      1. scallion pancakes and dumplings at King Fung Garden, antipasto at Teatro, lobster pizza at the bar at Excelsior, tacos at Bonfire and finish it off with the white chocolate bread pudding at Parrish Cafe.

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                          Perfect - if you're not too full try the mac and cheese at Bonfire. Amazing. OR save it for a Mac and Cheese Crawl.

                          Oh my God I'm the SMARTEST WOMAN ALIVE

                        2. Just crawl through all the appetizers at East Coast Grill!

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                            I thought I'd elaborate:

                            Tuna tacos w/ a side of inner beauty
                            #1 raw tuna
                            Ginger tuna sausage dumplings
                            Buffalo shrimp w/ a side of inner beauty
                            Oysters and/or fried oysters
                            Wings of mass destruction (WMDs)
                            Xiao Jianming wetbones w/ a side of inner beauty

                          2. I'll take a stab at Allston:

                            La Mamma's: look in the case to see if any empanadas are in there already. If so, ask what kind they are and order a different type so that what you get is made freshly.

                            Reef Cafe: falafel, grape leaves, or get one of the meat or spinach pies if he has them. If he has coffee, then get that too.

                            Aneka Rasa: satay, and roti canai, or roti paratha. Wash it down with a tea tarek

                            Madina Market: cheppali kebabs

                            Yi Soon bakery for sweet and savory buns and go next door to Infusions for some tea.

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                              I heartily second this list!

                              Other things that might add nicely: Appetizers at Shanghai Gate, dumplings and ganjajang noodles at Buk Kyung.

                            2. Central/Inman Sq:
                              Mezze plate ("Ultimate vegetarian platter") and merguez at Cafe Baraka
                              Fava Com Linguica, Polvo Guisado and Passteis E Rissois at O Cantinho
                              Salagdinhos at Muqueca
                              Chaat at Punjabi Dhaba
                              Kashk-o Bademjan or Mirza Ghasemi at Kolbeh of Kebab
                              Ice Cream at Toscannini's
                              Taza Chocolate bar at Mariposa Bakery (thurs only) -- alternative Oleana for dessert
                              Mishti Dol at Royal Bengal
                              Harvard/Porter Sq.:
                              Machaca taco at Maria Bonita
                              Yakitori at Bluefin
                              Enchiladas Poblanas at Forest Cafe
                              Ceviche at Chez Henri
                              Chilli Batata and Mysore Chilli Chicken at Tamarind Bay
                              Corner Sicilian slice at Pinocchio's
                              Sweet Crepes at La Creperie
                              Toscanini's Ice Cream and La Tene Chocolates at Serene Chocolates
                              Davis Sq.:
                              Fried olives at Sagra
                              Momos at Martsa on Elm
                              Gujarati Thali at Namaskar
                              Pasta at Out of the Blue
                              Dumplings/shui jiao at Qingdao Garden (a slight detour but worth it)
                              Belgian waffles at Mr Crepe
                              Ice Cream at JP Licks
                              Tapas at Taberna de Haro
                              Lengua Tacos and horchata at Tacqueria Mexico
                              Vegetarian Combo Plate at Shawarma King II
                              Miang Kum and pork jerky at Khao Sarn
                              Crab rolls and larb followed by dessert at Dok Bua
                              Backbay, Boston:
                              Tempura by the piece and a roll or two at Douzo
                              Truffle parmesan fries at Sorellina
                              Falafel at Cafe Jaffa
                              Uni spoon, eel with foie gras, beef teriyaki, toro if in season at Uni
                              Chaat at Bhindi Bazaar
                              Souffle and macarons at Petit Robert
                              Clio for dessert
                              Ice cream at JP Lick's
                              Chinatown/Theatre District, Boston:
                              Antipasto plate at Teatro
                              Satay at Penang
                              Oyster pancakes and cuttlefish balls at rainbow Cafe
                              Dumpling tasting: potstickers at Taiwan Cafe and King Fung Garden, Shen jian bao at New Shanghai
                              Vegetarian chicken with bamboo shoots and soy beans at New Shanghai
                              Dessert at Aujourd'hui

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                                Thats a nice little guide you put together. Thanks

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                                  limster - I love this list - nice work! I may have just changed my entire weekend plans because of your genius.

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                                    I just printed this out for future reference, thank you Limster. I had to laugh about all that ice cream, though!

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                                      Wow. That's a great list. Thanks Limster!

                                    2. great ideas everyone, thanks so much!