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Mar 7, 2007 09:52 AM

short drive from Seaport Hotel

Looking for a hip restaurant that is a short drive from Seaport Hotel. Would prefer fish but open to all suggestions. Thanks.

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  1. Legal Test Kitchen (LTK) is one block from the hotel - easy walk. It has gotten some mixed reviews, mostly about service. Not sure what you mean by hip, but it does seem to have an active bar scene. You could walk over there and check it out and if you don't like what you see head back to your car.

    Don't think you will find anything in South Boston unless your looking for a Pub type place. Lucky's at the corner of Congress and A Street is mentioned frequently. Very casual and a popular bar scene (not much seafood).

    Almost all of Boston is a short drive from the Seaport, so if you could be a little more specific we could broaden the search area. However, driving in Boston can be a little confusing.

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      Agree that the service at LTK here is so-so, its just a weidr setup and the after work crowd seems to crowd the bar, leaving a small area for ppl waiting for tabes to wait. staff is knowledgable, and somewhat friendly. food is pretty good.

      other than LTK, there is not much action down at the seaport. Luckys is bar food....and underground, so its dark and sort of dingy. head down the the north end to neptune oyster, or head to fanny hall and have your pick of several retaurants down there.

    2. Neptune Oyster in the Northend at 93 Salem St: Cabbing it would be advisable.

      1. Eastern Pier II (across from the Seaport Hotel) isn't hip by any means, but they have excellent Hong Kong style seafood.

        A fairly short drive down Morrissey Boulevard (10-15 minutes, with no traffic) to North Quincy would bring you to Tullio's on Hancock Street, which has a nice mix of Northern and Southern Italian dishes, including several seafood entrees.

        1. Radius is fairly close, expensive. Intrigue and Meritage in the Boston Harbor Hotel. Those would be okay walks on a warmer day.

          1. There is also Amreins's in South Boston. Old Irish pub with pretty good food. The pour a very good Guiness and I especially enjoy their shrimp cocktail. The shrimp are always freshly cooked, very large and are served with a classic cocktail sauce. You buy them by the piece, $3.00 each but they are worth it if you are shrimp fan. Amrein's has both a bar and dining room and has been in business since the late 1800's.