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Mar 7, 2007 09:40 AM

Elegant, French/Italian/Continental, for Grandma

The grandmother-in-law is coming into town, and I'm trying to avoid eating at the Polo Lounge again (though I might add that their cedar planked salmon is quite tasty). Looking for something old school enough, and quiet enough, for her, but gourmet enough for us, not any more than a half hour from the Beverly Hills Hotel. Price is no object. I have to admit, expensive Beverly Hills joints aren't exactly my stomping grounds, so I thought I'd ask for help unearthing a gem or two. Thanks in advance. -DOIJ

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  1. La Cachette - not a "scene" with modern decor, but more old school, quiet and the focus is on phenomenal food.
    Very close to your hotel.

    1. La Cachette a great rec. Another good option might be Campanile (a little further afield but still in your 30 minute range). More sedate and more foody than hipster. Also very good, old-school service. If you go this direction, consider asking for a table in the back when making reservation as carpeting makes this a quieter area for older ears. Front and middle are tiled which can get a little echo-y for the grammas.

      1. Melisse for French or Valentino for Italian would also probably suit both her and your preferences.

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        1. La Cachette - French - Century City ~ I'll just ditto Vinosnob's post above. It's closer, better ambiance, & food in the quality of (or better then ???) Melisse in Santa Monica.

          Valentino - Italian - West L.A. ~ Best Wine cellar in the city, good food with the new chief (I haven't been yet), but the area of town it's located in, and the visual experience of going there with Grandma, is not the best.

          Hotel Bel Air - Continental - Bel Air ~ Best Ambiance and visual experience to soak up (exculding anyplace with a great view of the Pacific - which is like comparing apples to oranges) there is in L.A.!!!! From your Hotel - take a right on Sunset Blvd., make a right on Stone Canyon Blvd., and in 10 minutes your there. It's located in a canyon with a great outdoor patio and a small lake with swans. Their Bar area is old-world elegant and low key to please Grandma. The food won't be as "Creative", "Innovative", or quite as good (?) as the others mentioned, but you should expect to find more classic dishes traditionally prepared.

          1. Also consider La Dolce Vita in Beverly Hills -- it's small and intimate, and famously solicitous of grandmas. Food is good traditional Italian.