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Mar 7, 2007 09:26 AM

Pizza dough dilemna

Need help on a pizza dough crisis!

I took pizza dough out of the freezer last night at about 11pm. Husband was supposed to put it in the fridge before he went to bed. Not completely a surprise...he forgot :)

So, this morning at 8am I noticed it was on the counter. It was defrosted, not cold - pretty close to room temperature.

I put it back in the fridge and now am wondering if we can use it tonight?

I was really looking forward to using it for dinner tonight!

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  1. If the dough remained cool, and the yeast is not spent, you will have one of the best tasting and textured pizzas you've ever had! It will have a more complex flavor and a meaty texture.

    1. Had it begun to rise? Otherwise, why on earth would you not use it?

      1. It should be fine- I would just let it come back up to room temp and let it rise a little bit more, and you're in pizza makin' business! (Do we have the same husband?! I'm still mad at mine for taking the package of hamburger out of the freezer to get some ice cubes, and leaving it on top of the fridge for 24 hours!!!)

        1. Phew. I'm a bit of a dough moron - I don't make bread dough ever and buy pizza dough at the bakery - never make my own. Hence the silly question. Good to know and note to self - learn more about yeast and making dough :)