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Mar 7, 2007 09:26 AM

NYC Chowhounder looking for solo dining

Hi everyone -

I'm going to be in town Thurs. night on business and am looking for someplace around Copley that's solo-dining friendly for dinner.

A little more detail: hoping for someplace where I can grab a seat at a bar and have a great meal (I'm looking for salads, pastas, etc.); I'm a pseudi-vegeterian. Price isn't an issue but I'd prefer someplace that's not a mob scene.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Azure and Citiy Bar in the Lenox, Bar 10 in the Westin, Laurel on Berkeley St., Jae's on Boylston.

    1. I would check out the menus on-line for Sorrelina and #9 Park. You'd have to cab to #9. Both are very good solo dining options at the bar. The bartending at #9 is top notch and the food and atmosphere are very good at both places. Sorrelina is larger and more of a "scene".

      1. I think the Delux, the Butcher Shop (despite being, ahem, a butcher shop, they also have other exceptional, non-meat choices), or the Franklin would all be great options for great bar seating plus great meals, and all are a close walk into the South End from Copley, and all reasonably priced. If you're like me when you travel, you'd enjoy these lively spots that are accomodating if you just want to belly up with a good read, or just as easily engender opportunities for conversations with strangers...

        For the record, I made a similar request to the NY Chow board a few weeks ago, and had an excellent overall experience- food, wine, service, conversation with strangers at the bar at Babbo! Cheers to tapping into the local flavors!

        1. I often dine alone at the bar at Turner Fisheries in the Westin Hotel (Copley) I like the food, the bartender is friendly without being nosy, they have great wines by the glass, and their food is creative. If you don't eat fish, there are lots of veggie oriented diehes to choose from.

          1. I would agree with the Sorellina and #9 Park recommendations. The Butcher Shop is one of my neighborhood staples but I personally haven't found that they have much in the way of non-meat items. For solo dining at a bar, I most often find myself at B&G Oysters for oysters and a lobster roll or at Douzo for sushi.