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Mar 7, 2007 09:11 AM

The Prime Grill -- Need Opinions

I pass by The Prime Grill at least once a week and keep wondering if I should try it. People tell me it's good and that the sushi is amazing (is this true??), but I don't trust just anybody when it comes to food --I need the opinions of hounds! Thanks!

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  1. If you are talking about The Prime Grill at the Rodeo Collection in Beverly Hills then you might get more response to this request on the Kosher Board. The Prime Grill, also in New York, primarily serves a Kosher crowd.

    I have not been to The Prime Grill yet but as a Kosher restuarant their sushi menu will not include shrimp, scallops, lobster, or real crab. Also as a Kosher restaurant, their prices will likely be higher than comparable non-Kosher restaurants due to higher food costs and less competition.

    1. I have been to the Prime Grill in NYC and it is very good both the Sushi and Steaks - but now on to the LA locale - there are a number of mixed reviews on the kosher oard -

      1. Thanks. I am referring to the one on Rodeo.

        1. I'm also curious about the sushi. Someone keeps trying to drag me there with him - says the sushi is the best he's had (but he's only had kosher sushi, so I'm not sure that is a real comparison). When I read reviews of the sushi at Prime, I hear about dynamite rolls and spicy tuna rolls. Just doesn't connote top-flight sushi to me. If you go, please report on the sushi.

          1. I do not know about the sushi, but I hear the steaks are good, but very expensive.