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Mar 7, 2007 09:10 AM

bubble tea near farragut

Any thoughts on where I can find bubble tea near Farragut Square?

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  1. Try Teaism on H and Connecticut. Fairly certain they have bubble tea.

    1. I think it's R and Connecticut--two doors down from the Starbucks on the corner.

      1. Allegedly Cornerstone in 15 and M should start having bubble tea soon, but they've been saying that for months.

        1. If you do not mind walking to Foggy Bottom, there is Panda Cafe, which is mostly a small, mostly take-away, Chinese restaurant with acceptable food, but also has a variety of bubble tea choices. The couple of times I have been there, the bubbles have seemed fresher than one might expect and the whole thing was generally good. Address is 2138 Pennsylvania Ave., NW - not that you would miss the big neon "Bubble Tea!" sign in the window.

          1. The Teaism is actually on H St between 17th and Conn; They don't call it bubble tea, but "zhenzhou pearls".