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Mar 7, 2007 09:06 AM

Grocery Store Lobster Rolls

I noticed a fresh lobster roll at my local Stop & Shop last night and took it home to eat. It was a hotdog roll nicely stuffed with lobster meat and way too much mayo, but not bad, especially when you consider the price of $4.99. Does anyone have experience with lobster rolls from other New England supermarkets? Please share.

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  1. yes way too late, but I do like the ones i've had from stop and shop..... yes way too much mayo, but at least it's quality lobster meat and the right style of rolls.

    1. Not in New England, but we have crab and FL lobster rolls, same filling, same roll down in the keys. A couple of local quick stops and local places have them. They are like 3.99 or 4.99 same thing, usually a small little shop mart or local grocery store. Awesome. Usually during stone crab and lobster season. Wonders how restaurants can charge so much doesn't it.

      Can't help you in NE, but I understand the curiosity. We have the same down here.

      1. Also Jonny's foodmaster around Boston has them for $6,99 (two years later). About the same quality.