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Mar 7, 2007 09:01 AM

Bakery in Cerritos/Lakewood area

I am in search of a bakery to pickup a variety of yummy items. Really could be anything. Interested in desserts to try out different things from cakes, bars, cookies etc...
Anywhere around the Cerritos, Lakewood area would be great.

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  1. I purchase my cakes from a bakery in Downey ... Cakeland Gallery ... the owner was trained at Rosebud bakery in Beverly Hills ... then opened his own place on Paramount Blvd. It helps to be bilingual if you need to special-order something ... but i generally just get something that is already in the case forewarned though ... the place is nothing fancy ... but the cakes are good. Actually my birthday is on the 22nd and i've asked my husband to order the Red Velvet for my special day ...

    11852 S. Paramount Blvd.
    Downey CA 90241

    1. Alsace Lorraine Pastries
      3842 Atlantic Ave. in Long Beach

      Especially the almond danish! Almost as good as Strasbourg.

      They've been doing cakes for a long time too.

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        I second Alsace. Also very good is Rossmoor Pastries, on Redondo just past Willow.

      2. I love the bakery at Katella Deli in Cypress.

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          OMG duh! Can't believe I forgot that. Get the black and white cookies.

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            my favorite are the layer cookies

          2. Paris Baguette in Cerritos! I went there over the weekend and just fell in love with it. There are also locations in K-Town, which have been commented upon by other 'Hounds. The bakery serves more sweet and savory pastries than I could count, and (this is the best part) a plethora of free samples. They also have whole, delicious looking cakes for sale.

            17416 Carmenita Rd (next to Rite-Aid)
            Cerritos, CA 90703