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Mar 7, 2007 09:01 AM

Chinese Noodle House in Edison, NJ Area ?

Anyone know of any chinese noodlehouses in the Edison area ? I'm thinking of somewhere where I can get some wonton noodle soup, roast duck in noodle soup, soy sauce chicken in noodle soup or bbq pork on rice. Nothing too fancy, just some typical noodle shop stuff.

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  1. You should try China Bowl on Route 27. It's in the same strip mall as the Asian Food Market. There's also a Korean noodle house that's good on Rte 1 in the same strip mall as Shoprite. That's pretty good too.

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      Thanks ! I've heard pretty good things about the Korean noodle house. I think it's called Edison Noodle House or something.

    2. Try the food court in the Hong Kong Supermarket on Park Avenue in South Plainfield. There are several food vendors. My favorite is the soup lady--she is from Taiwan and makes noodle soups as well as other noodle-based dishes that are excellent. Just ask her for something traditional Taiwanese, and she'll put something together for you that you'll love. There is also a stall where they sell dumplings, buns and snacks like scallion pancakes. The pork w. veggie buns are wonderful when they first come out.

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        The HK Supermarket has prepared food? Ummmm must try that then! Youre referring to the one on Park Avenue, yes, in the BIG LOTS shopping area? Thanks

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          Just an update. This Honk Kong Supermarket location is now closed. :( Lost lease.

        2. China Bowl used to have good food, but it is DIRTY and the staff is really really offstandish. There is some hype about Shaighai Park in Highland Park but I have not tried it. Not sure about Wonder Seafood on 27 for noodles but I liked their other items.

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            My opinion on Shanghai Park is that it is AWESOME. I sincerely recommend it; it definetly lives up to the hype. I don't think they do stuff like noodle soups, though I wish they did. :( I also detest Wonder Seafood. >:(

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              What is it about Wonder Seafood didn't you like?

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                I went for dimsum, and it was not very good. The fried radish cake (law bau gao) was really mushy and paste like. Other stuff that is pretty hard to mess up like shui mai and ribs and a couple of other "staple" dishes had this really nasty aftertaste. The rest of the dim sum I'd rate average to slightly below averge. Not horrible, really, but OK. When I factor in the really bad dim sum I had, my overall rating for Wonder Seafood is really bad. I really don't know what the hype is about.

                Shanghai park, on the other hand was phenomenal. It lived up to all the hype. The soup buns were outstanding; very thin skin, and extremely flavorful broth/meat. The shanghai noodles and rice cake were again, out of this world.

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                  That's surprising that you didn't enjoy Wonder. Granted I have not returned in about 6 months but I found the dim sum to be excellent. My only complaint was that I was made to feel like an outsider and somewhat unwelcome. Maybe they've "jumped the shark". Anyone else with recent experiences?

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                    I have found Wonder to be hit or miss for Dim Sum. Prefer to go to 1-9 Seafood restaurant (just north of Woodbridge Mall on Rt. 1 North) for dim sum lately. Or if you want go farther west, I also like Dyanasty on Rt. 22 in Green Brook.

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                Is this place in Highland Park?

                  1. re: deborahk

                    Shanghai Park is in Highland Park on Rt 27 on the left if you are driving up from New Brunswick.

                    Wonder Seafood is in Edison on Rt 27 on the right past the McDonald.
                    If you are going to Wonder Seafood during peak lunch and dinner hours and have a party of 2, be prepared to share tables. They are geared more to the big round tables for large families of 6+. I go after 1pm on weekdays for lunch to avoid the crowds.

              3. contrary to feeling like an outsider @ wonder, I def feel that way at China Bowl. I found wonder to be tasty, and the restaurant clean. I'll have to def try ShangPark, havent been there since it was mongolian bbq.

                1. The couple of times I've been to Wonder for dim sum, my table was the only non-Asians. However, the staff was friendly and we didn't feel at all uncomfortable. The dim sum was good, but there are just as good options closer to my Monmouth home so I don't get up there too often.