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Mar 7, 2007 08:50 AM

Bagels in MD

My go to bagel place has always been Bethesda Bagel but recently it just hasnt been doing it for me. Has anyone been to Goldberg's in Rockville or Izzy's (I think that is how it's spelled) off of Rockville Pike?

Im in desperate need of a new Bagel joint...

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  1. If you feel like driving up to Baltimore for an "interesting" Bagel experience...I highly reccomend Greg's Bagels in Belvedere Square...all hand made bagels...very unusual flavors...smoked salmon from around the world.....very quirky...lots of fun!

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      1. re: MDicecreamguy

        "Interesting" is a good word for it. I find Greg's to be highly untraditional. A bagel should never leave grease stains in a paper bag. But they are pretty decent for a bagel-shaped bakery product.

      2. Bagel City on Rockville Pike (just north of the Montrose Crossing center) has good bagels.

        1. I agree that Bethesda Bagel doesn't quite cut it. My fiance and I have a theory that bagels just aren't trendy anymore, which is why it's hard to find a decent one.

          My standby remains the Bagel Place on Rt. 1 in College Park, if you're up for the trip around to the other side of the Beltway. They continue to churn out excellent bagels, spreads, and all the fixins'.

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          1. re: choconut

            Wow, seriously? I mean, Bagel Place is fine for what it is, but I never had a bagel there that seemed drastically better, tastier, different etc. than any run of the mill bagel you can pick up at your local grocery store. I think the only things Bagel Place has going for it are that (1) they do offer a variety of flavors, which can be nice and (2) they'll toast and spread it for you, so when you get it the bagel is warm and the cream cheese oozy. But again, definitely not something to go out of the way for. (Especially on a Saturday morning during the school year. Watch out!)

            1. re: charmedgirl

              I have to agree. The bagels at the Bagel Place are completely ordinary. If they were as good as, say, the Bagel Hole in Park Slope, Brooklyn, *then* it would be worth driving around the Beltway for them. But they aren't, and it isn't.

              Izzy's in Rockville isn't worth driving 'round the Beltway for either, but the probably worth driving from Bethesda.

              1. re: charmedgirl

                I used to live off of the Bagel Place's muffins in college. Never got bagels though.... Man those muffins were good!

            2. I agree with your opinion of Bethesda Bagels and their recent quality fall off. I have tried Izzie's, I have tried Goldberg's, I have tried Bagel City and I have tried the bagel place in Olney. Bagel City wins hands down. That said none of the local folks would survive a week in NYC.

              Note - Bagel City has a real bagel deal on Wednesday's.

              An New Yorker and looong term bagel lover

              1. As a College Park alum the Bagel Place on Rt. 1 was convenient. When I want to eat good bagels (every weekend) I go to Neal's Bagels on the corner of 124 and Rt. 28. It is in Gaithersburg/North Potomac. The bagels are really good and IMHO better than Bagel City Bagels