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Bagels in MD

My go to bagel place has always been Bethesda Bagel but recently it just hasnt been doing it for me. Has anyone been to Goldberg's in Rockville or Izzy's (I think that is how it's spelled) off of Rockville Pike?

Im in desperate need of a new Bagel joint...

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  1. If you feel like driving up to Baltimore for an "interesting" Bagel experience...I highly reccomend Greg's Bagels in Belvedere Square...all hand made bagels...very unusual flavors...smoked salmon from around the world.....very quirky...lots of fun!

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        "Interesting" is a good word for it. I find Greg's to be highly untraditional. A bagel should never leave grease stains in a paper bag. But they are pretty decent for a bagel-shaped bakery product.

      2. Bagel City on Rockville Pike (just north of the Montrose Crossing center) has good bagels.

        1. I agree that Bethesda Bagel doesn't quite cut it. My fiance and I have a theory that bagels just aren't trendy anymore, which is why it's hard to find a decent one.

          My standby remains the Bagel Place on Rt. 1 in College Park, if you're up for the trip around to the other side of the Beltway. They continue to churn out excellent bagels, spreads, and all the fixins'.

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            Wow, seriously? I mean, Bagel Place is fine for what it is, but I never had a bagel there that seemed drastically better, tastier, different etc. than any run of the mill bagel you can pick up at your local grocery store. I think the only things Bagel Place has going for it are that (1) they do offer a variety of flavors, which can be nice and (2) they'll toast and spread it for you, so when you get it the bagel is warm and the cream cheese oozy. But again, definitely not something to go out of the way for. (Especially on a Saturday morning during the school year. Watch out!)

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              I have to agree. The bagels at the Bagel Place are completely ordinary. If they were as good as, say, the Bagel Hole in Park Slope, Brooklyn, *then* it would be worth driving around the Beltway for them. But they aren't, and it isn't.

              Izzy's in Rockville isn't worth driving 'round the Beltway for either, but the probably worth driving from Bethesda.

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                I used to live off of the Bagel Place's muffins in college. Never got bagels though.... Man those muffins were good!

            2. I agree with your opinion of Bethesda Bagels and their recent quality fall off. I have tried Izzie's, I have tried Goldberg's, I have tried Bagel City and I have tried the bagel place in Olney. Bagel City wins hands down. That said none of the local folks would survive a week in NYC.

              Note - Bagel City has a real bagel deal on Wednesday's.

              An New Yorker and looong term bagel lover

              1. As a College Park alum the Bagel Place on Rt. 1 was convenient. When I want to eat good bagels (every weekend) I go to Neal's Bagels on the corner of 124 and Rt. 28. It is in Gaithersburg/North Potomac. The bagels are really good and IMHO better than Bagel City Bagels

                1. Not close but I like Brooklyn Bagel in Arlington/Courthouse. I'm a NYer lamenting the dearth of good bagels here but these will do in a pinch, and the owner is from Brooklyn so he knows.

                  1. Another New Yorker here & we all seem to have strong opinions on this one.

                    Izzy is just the old Manhattan Bagel franchise. They seem to really try hard and have a trivia contest when you shop there. A nice local spot. Goldberg's is a wasteland and the bagels seem hard and dry and without any real flavor. Bethesda Bagel is owned by a guy who learned his craft in NYC and still makes them by hand, unlike anyone else on this side of DC to be sure. Next time you're in there, just tell them why you think they have fallen off quality wise and I am sure they will appreciate hearing it.

                    Have not tried Virginia bagels @ all. Where is Brooklyn Bagel located please?


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                      Brooklyn Bagel - 2055 Wilson Blvd @ Courthouse. Next to Ireland's Four Courts. Across the street from Summer's. It is a fairly narrow storefront, so it is easy to miss if you are not looking for it.

                    2. Georgetown Bagel on River Road near Friendship Heights in MD turns out a pretty good product. I have been going to their M Street store in Georgetown for - gasp - over 30 years.

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                        That's good to know! I was just wondering about them the other day (as I was navigating the crazy parking lot at Whole Foods next door.)

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                          Reasonable minds my differ, but I'm from New Jersey and the Georgetown Bagelry produces the closest I have found to the famous Watson bagel of my misspent youth.


                      2. Royal Bagel Bakery in Germantown makes the best bagels I have had in MD. They have a deli serving Boar's Head cold cuts as well. Worth a drive.

                        1. Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

                          Usually when i think of Bagel City I think of pizza bagels and tuna surprises... i guess ive just never really thought of them as a good ole' fashioned bagel place but more of a place you take a child to and get some sort of non-traditional bagel. ill try it out again with an everything bagel with lox spread.

                          I graduated from UMD so I am def familiar with the Bagel Place. Theyre good but not really worth the drive for me... I was a big fan of the "Day Old" bagels there (for the obvious price reasons)

                          I havent been to Izzy's but when i walked by it I thought to myself "isnt this just manhattan bagel?" Ill try them out but prob not anytime soon.

                          I guess im gonna give Goldberg's and Royal Bagel Bakery a try. Thanks for the help everyone

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                            One thing I like about Bagel City is that I can get real whitefish salad on my bagel.

                          2. It's not in Maryland, but Bagels and Baguettes on Capitol HIll has excellent bagels:

                            236 Massachusetts Ave NE
                            Washington, DC 20002
                            (202) 544-1141

                            1. thanks! ill give it a try

                              1. Goldbergs in Owings Mills, MD. I know it's a far drive, but straight outta Brooklyn.

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                                  thanks, if i get the time ill make the trip.

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                                    Another big thumbs up for Georgetown Bagel on River Rd near Little Falls in Bethesda. Really good bagels, spectacular bialys. Mediocre coffee.

                                    I loved Bethesda Bagel for ages, and sadly, Steve, the owner, tolerates a miserable level of customer service from his staff. If there wasn't a steaming hot cup of delicious Quartermaines coffee right next door, I'd NEVER wait the 10 minutes that it takes for the idly-chit-chatting-amongst-themselves staff to serve the 3 people in front of me in line.

                                    Does watching a bagel counterperson intently watch a toaster infuriate anyone else?

                                2. I'll 2nd Royal Bagel in Germantown. Besides the bagels, the donuts and pastries are as close to NY that you will get. Trust me......

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                                    Goldbergs on Reisterstown Rd in Pikesville MD is great. I lived in Brooklyn for 9 years and I think these bagels are very good. Go on Saturday night and witness the party till 2am.

                                  2. Great! Thanks for the review Milton.

                                    1. In North Potomac/Gaithersburg/Darnestown, Neil's Bagels are wonderful! I've had lots of bagels from NY and the bagels at this place are just as good, if not better. It's on Darnestown Road (near the Fuddruckers, in the shopping center diagonally across the street from Quince Orchard High School).

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                                        Oh, yes! Neal's Bagels is the place to go in G'Burg. They have the only passable whitefish salad around. I'm from North Jersey and I know about these things. You can have it sent down from www.jackcoopers.com (jack coopers celebrity deli in Edison, NJ) which is a great option in a pinch. Used to love the Deli Nosh in Travilah Square on Rt.28 but sadly they closed up shop.

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                                          Great, Ill have to check this place out sometime

                                          1. re: MarcDC

                                            I went to Neal's Bagels and got a dozen bagels (the everything and plain were just being finished when I got there so they were piping hot) and the whitefish salad. BY FAR the best bagels and whitefish salad I've ever had in this area. I've had better in NYC, but this is a vast improvement over what I had been getting in the area. Thank you so much for the recommendation! If anyone hasn't been to Neal's Bagels I highly recommend it! If prob didnt hurt that I got two fresh batches of bagels though....

                                      2. Forgive me for reliving child memories but I'm looking for the onion bagel of my nether years. It was medium-fat, not dry and had bits of caramelized onion on it. I didn't grow up with "everything" bagels--just plain, egg and onion. A suggestion for DC/Bethesda/Rockville? btw--I think Izzy's is gone. I can't find a current listing for it and I found one reference on Google to "the building on Elm St. that used to house Izzy's." :) bb

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                                          Izzy's is on Rockville Pike- next to Vegetable Garden Restaurant and it is still there. I was at Veg. Garden tonight and Izzy's although not open this evening was clearly still in business.

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                                            Ize's is alive and well. Its hard to find on the web because of its spelling. Its named after the owner's three children, Isabel, Zach, and Emily.
                                            Hours are Mon-Fri 6am-4pm, Sat 7am-4pm, Sun 7am-3pm, so you probably wouldn't have seen them open in the evening.

                                        2. They are so so rude at Bethesda Bagel. The only reason they have any business is because of their fantastic location -- if any DECENT bagel place would enter the Bethesda market that disgusting Bethesda Bagel would go out of business. Think soup nazi's (rudest staff I have ever dealt with) and overpriced food.

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                                            I concur with above about Bethesda Bagels. I left wanting to cry, without napkins, and with a bagel that i didn't want because I had no time to read the menu when I was pressured into ordering. I'd much rather eat a sub par Dunkin Donuts 'bagel' across the street, then go back. However, if anyone goes out to Annapolis, "Bagels and..." and "Naval Bagels" are great!

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                                              doesn't marcdc live in baltimore now? best ny style goldberg's in pikesville in the whole balt/dc area. ive read joan and gary's in pikesville is good to. non-standard Greg's bagel's in baltimore city (belvedere square i think)

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                                                Isn't there a Goldberg's Bagels in Rockville, and is it the same as the one in Baltimore?

                                                1. re: skipper

                                                  well Goldber's was metioned earlier in the thread as in Owings mills. It's in Pikesville, not OM which border each other. Pikesville is basically the Jewish town of the Baltimore area. no, I do not think the one in Rockville is related to the Pikesville location. The official name is Goldberg's New York Bagels. oops, up in the thread Marc said he'd go. wonder if he went.


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                                                    Yes sir, I went to Goldberg's in Pikesville and it is BY FAR the best bagel I've had in all of Maryland, bar none (including Neal's Bagels, Bethesda Bagels, etc). The everything bagels are fantastic... Also this has no affiliation to the Goldberg's in Rockville. I went to the one in Rockville, it's not bad... certainly better than Izzies

                                                    Neal's still has the best whitefish salad though (and FYI, the Grovesnor Market off Tuckerman in Bethesda/Rockville has the best chopped liver in case youre looking for some).

                                                    Also, I've been to Greg's Bagels downtown and it's terrible.

                                                    1. re: MarcDC

                                                      glad to hear you like Goldberg's in Pikesville!

                                                      too bad about Greg's. I'm assuming you made a mistake by typing downtown.
                                                      it's in the Belvedere Sq shopping center.


                                                      1. re: vivinator

                                                        Sorry for the confusion, I'm definitely referring to Sam's Bagels off of Light Street in Federal Hill. That place is awful.

                                                        I havent been to Greg's Bagels.

                                                        Again, sorry for the confusion

                                                        1. re: vivinator

                                                          Yeah, Greg's Bagels in Belevedere Square is usually rated quite highly.

                                                  2. re: vivinator

                                                    Joan & Gary's??? Where do you get your information from Vivin?? I am guessing you have never even been there since that place has been gone for YEARS now. Actually, Goldberg's is where Joan and Gary's used to be

                                                    1. re: Woof Woof Woof

                                                      hehe I forget. maybe baltimore mag. who knows? yeah, have never been there.

                                                  3. re: eboggs

                                                    FWIW, I've never had any problem with rudeness etc at Bethesda Bagels. I was in the other day, and the guy who waited on me was actually very helpful.

                                                    1. re: Chocolatechipkt

                                                      Me too. I have been going to Bethesda Bagel for years and didn't notice any quality difference. Since I go there a lot, and you can't beat $2.99 for a huge veggie bagel sandwich with lite veggie creme cheese if you're on a budget like I am, they'll get to know you and give you great service. They're not the best, but they're not the worst. I joke around with them and they joke with me. I love this place and their bagels.

                                                      1. re: Chocolatechipkt

                                                        The problem I've had (and I've been going since the opened in the early 80s) isn't rudeness - it's indifference and a pace of work akin to the movement of the continents on our planet.

                                                        Go in any bagel shop in NYC - I'll wager the counter help can get something else done while a bagel is toasting aside from watching the toaster.

                                                  4. i like bagel city on rockville pike! i used to live in queens when i was a child, and eating the bagels layered with cream cheese, brings back some great memories.

                                                    1. It's not close to Rockville or Bethesda, but the Bagel Bin in Columbia is very good.

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                                                        I'm glad someone mentioned the Bagel Bin. I used to live in Columbia, and I always go to the Bagel Bin when I get to Columbia (usually for a dentist visit, interestingly enough).

                                                        Anyway, my favorite bagel there is the Black Russian -- a pumpernickel bagel with sesame seeds. This is a really flavorful bagel. I have a dear friend who lives in Columbia and this is his favorite bagel at the BB as well.

                                                      2. Bageltowne Deli
                                                        9749 Traville Gateway Drive
                                                        Rockville, MD 20850

                                                        We have catered bagels from here once a week. The bagels are fresh and chewy.. but like any place I'm sure it depends on when you get the bagels. Our office gets them first thing in the morning.

                                                        The bagels are not my favorite, but what really stands out is the cream cheese. Their vegetable cream cheese is divine! It is made of original cream cheese with fresh pieces of vegetables mixed in. The strawberry and cinnamon raisin cream cheese are good as well.

                                                        1. I'm fond of the Bagelry on Vital Way (near Randolph & New Hampshire -- is that White Oak?). They have a good variety, the chewyness is (to me) a good level. They have a touch of sweetness that some people might not like.

                                                          1. Breads Unlimited on Arlington Road, Bethesda.Great bagels and breads!

                                                            Breads Unlimited
                                                            6914 Arlington Rd, Bethesda, MD

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                                                            1. re: imfred

                                                              Skip the Goldberg's in Rockville.

                                                              Bagels are decent but not as good the Goldberg's on Georgia in Silver Spring (the old Kirsten's Cafe spot). Those are the best I've had in the DC area.

                                                              Plus the service is much friendlier in SS.

                                                              1. re: repete

                                                                That's pretty funny, considering that the bagels in the Silver Spring Goldberg's location are made in the Rockville location and trucked over...

                                                                1. re: DanielK

                                                                  Perhaps mine were old. Maybe they were just tainted by the bad attitude of the jerk at the Rockville counter on multiple visits.

                                                                  Either way, the guy lost my business. Forever.

                                                            2. Since this thread has been revived today, I thought I'd put in my 2 cents.

                                                              I'm not a big fan of bagels, but my husband could create an entire diet living off of bagels, creamcheese and lox.

                                                              He always ate the Goldberg bagels in Pikesville or Lenny's in Owings Mills. When we had the significant snowstorms this past winter, Hubby didn't feel like venturing far from our home in Baltimore City. I happened to shop at Mars Grocery store one day and brought home two bagels. My husband was blown away. They are large, chewy, tasty--several different varieties. We never would have considered buying the bagels at Mars--we don't even buy them when shopping at our usual grocery store-Giant.

                                                              If you are feeling adventuresome and can travel a bit to a Mars Market, you may want to at least give the bagels a try. Most likely there isn't a Mars in the area where you live, but this may be helpful information for the other Chowhounder's who have read your posting. FoiGras