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Mar 7, 2007 08:49 AM

Muslim Chinese food

So I'm in search of any Muslim style Chinese restaurants that might be in/around Toronto. Also anywhere that might serve Xianjiang style food would be awesome too. Especially Naan bo Su

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  1. I know of one Uighur resto in TO - never been there, but it's on my list. Had some amazing Uighur food in China recently and craving Lagnan noodles.....

    Silk Road
    438 Horner Ave. (east of Brown's Line)
    Etobicoke, ON

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      can any chowhounds out there comment on this restaurant? plz plz plz

      1. re: oohlala

        We went to this place a couple weeks ago. At the recommendation of our young server, we had the chicken dish with potato and homemade noodles. It was so freaking good! The dish itself was huge and chock full of goodness. Lots of tender chicken, potatoes and the most amazing thick, chewy noodles (almost dumpling like), leeks, garlic cloves and spices (like whole star anise) swimming in a complex and spicy broth. If I lived closer I'd eat that dish weekly, at least!

        The proprietors were courteous and welcoming, and were very concerned the food would be too spicy. No way! I looooooved it.

        The one compaint we had was with the shish kebab we got on the side didn't look nearly as good as the ones served to our dining neighbours. Theirs were carmalized and plump, ours were pale fatty bits that tasted strongly of cooking gas. Guess you can't win 'em all, but the chicken dish certainly made up for the failure of the kebab!

        1. re: oohlala

          Went there last week. On the phone they were not particularly friendly(called on 2 different occasions), a cultural/language issue. Once inside the restaurant, service was OK. Small place with authentic suburban communist China atmosphere.

          That evening, the parking lot was full of luxury cars with out-of-province license plates. Inside, Chinese students from PRC.

          Chinese menu is more extensive than the English one, with stuff like goat tripe soup or noodle, various lamb platters from $20 up to 50 iirc.

          Food was good. The lamb skewers similar to places in Scarborough or Markham. But the various lamb dishes not available elsewhere.

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            I saw a "hot and cold" platter of lamb atop cold noodles served to a large group just now. An employee said it was only listed on the chinese menu. English menu is pretty short. I tried Combo #1 ($14 incl tax) which includes lamb soup, 2 spicy or plain lamb shish kebabs (a bit too fatty), and lamb pilau (with raisins). It was decent but I won't be running back for more. Last year I tried the lagman noodles and they were decent, too.

      2. There is a Chinese fast food type place in East York on Overlea . It's in a mall that has a really great kabob place . I'm pretty sure it's Halal . Hope that helps .

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          It is definitely halal. It is opposite the Goodwill store on Overlea. Have never had the food so I can't comment on it,

          1. I am not sure about Muslim style but a lot of the Hakka Indian restaurants serve halal meat. I assume that they are trying to accomodate to Muslim palates.

            1. I don't mean hakka. When I was in China most everywhere we went you could find Muslim Chinese making lamian and when we were in Xian, paomo. Usually these restaurants were run by people of Hui descent and served no pork. I have been unable to find anywhere in Toronto that serves anything resembling this food. I'll try and check out the Uighur resto see what that brings up. Thanks again everyone

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                Traditional chinese buns on Dundas (west of spadina) serve Xian "paomo". I've seen actual chinese people ordering it. The owner just gave them the buns and the clients would just tear them into pieces themselves. It was quite funny cause when i was in Xian, the restaurants would have them ready in bowls~ I can't comment on how authentic it is, but at least it's a start (if you live in the downtown area).

                Gritseeker, can you get information on the other 3 restaurants if possible? and do you know if the owner of Silk Road speak any chinese?

                1. re: oohlala

                  When I was in Xi'an, I ate at a hole in the wall joint selling paomo. I was handed a thick round of flatbread not unlike the pitas used for gyros. I followed what others were doing, which was tearing the bread into bite-sized pieces. I noticed that others were directing the server as to what they wanted in the their bowls. I wanted to try everything available, but the server wasn't interested in my attempts at hand signals. He gave me only about half of the items available. I was disappointed, but my soup was still great.

                  I'll have to check out TCB on Dundas to see how similar or different it is to that bowl, and perhaps Silk Road, though I'm not expecting a bowl of paomo. Are there any Hui restaurants in the GTA?

                  1. re: 1sweetpea

                    It's similar, last time I went they (TCB) chop up the dry bread for you, but it came in uneven sizes, so some bread pieces are soaked through but others are still a bit hard in the centre. There weren't any more items to be added though.