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Mar 7, 2007 08:44 AM

Food Court Choices at 380 Bush

I will be in SF next week for one day downtown at 120 Montgomery and looking for lunch dining options, I ran accross this food court at 380 Bush. Apparently located downstairs and with mostly Asian choices. Anyone eat here and willing to share tips, best dishes (any cuisine) or warnings? I am most interested in the Pho and Japanese place, least interested in the Chinese. Any tips appreciated, thanks!

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  1. That place changes so much that I can't personally recommend anything from the time I worked in the area. I have read the pho at the Vietnamese place is good. I also read one less than enthusiastic report on the lumpia joint. Don't remember where I read that though.

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      HOUSE OF LUMPIA is da bomb! With all due respect, rworange, I wouldn't trust the report you read about it. Instead, go during the peak lunch hours, and observe the line going around the counter to be served at the only decent and good Filipino joint in the FiDi. The clamoring masses attest to the quality of the grub that they serve here. I've had to sprint from my job eight blocks away in order to get my favorite dish, Kare-kare (oxtail stew in savory peanut sauce), before everybody else gets to it.

      Here're my reviews of the other offerings in The Dungeon:
      Mexican joint - Just don't.
      Thai - decent taste and ingredients. However, the rice they serve with their combo plates is too soft and mealy. For chrissakes! Cook some Jasmine rice!
      Japanese - good and basic (disclosure: haven't tried it in over a year)
      Vietnamese - try the banh cuon (my Vietnamese co-worker loved it), try the bunh instead and not the pho: Dry vs. wet. The bunh comes with spring rolls. Yum.

    2. i believe there's a burmese place in this foodcourt (affectionately referred to as "The Dungeon"), with a wonderful tea leaf salad. i'd highly recommend this, though much of the other food there can be very uneven. There are lots of other choices along Kearny, just steps away.

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        When I first heard about that International food court years ago when I worked at the BofA building, it was referred to as "The Blue Awning". I loved that name for it.

        I haven't been there in at least 4 years so I don't know what's good there anymore.

      2. The places in the Dungeon have gone downhill over the years. I used to go to the Japanese and Vietnamese places there weekly, but they both changed ownership a year or two ago, and they're just not the same. The Japanese place upped their prices a bit, and are trying to be a bit more full-menu'ed (call me a sushi snob, but I'd really hesitate before eating sushi from there). The Vietnamese place - I gave the new pho a try a few times, and every time, the noodles were cut really short - making it quite a chore to eat with chopsticks or a fork (a spork may have been successful). I haven't tried lately (since I've pretty much taken them out of my rotation), so they may have changed since then. There are a ton of tastier places to eat around there, especially if you're only around for a day. If you don't mind the walk, Delica-RF1 in the Ferry Building has awesome Japanese deli food.

        1. I was in the area a few weeks ago and headed there for lunch. Basically asian food court type of offerings (not Panda Express, but more like the asian food courts in malls of asian countries), with a lone Mexican place as well. If you are just looking for a quick filling lunch, then its a viable option. If you are looking for R&G, Slanted Door, Koi Palace, etc. quality, then cross it off your list.