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Mar 7, 2007 08:39 AM

suggestions other than dmitri's?

friends want to go out for a drink/meal on saturday night and suggested dmitri's @ 23rd/pine. unfortunately, i've been having something of a spree there lately and want to go somewhere different. any suggestions for a similar atmosphere/ price/ or small-plate style? thanks in advance...

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  1. CL just reviewed Snackbar just off rittenhouse (former Salt location) and gave it pretty high marks. Also there is Apamate at 16th and South that does small plates (Spanish)

    1. Divan Turkish restaurant is supposed to be pretty good, and they have lots of the small appetizer-type things like Dimitri's. I think it's probably BYO though. Thank you.

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        I believe Divan got their liquor license a month or two ago.